Monday, September 21, 2009

The Day Before

It got hot rather quickly in the morning and digs began to fuss. Rainey stuck her cold nose in my neck while Tess pushed her head into my chest. With a sigh, I got up and the dogs bounced off the bed. Getty took the dogs out for a walk while I cooked breakfast. We sat outside and drank the piping hot coffee and ate scrambled eggs that had tons of crab in it. No sense in starving at the trials.

We were greeted by a sea of new arrival; folks who had pulled in the middle of the night to folks driving in. A couple of rigs meet the ruts and the ruts won. The amount of trailers had double from the day before.

I had a nice view of the Open field or at least most of it. The handler is at a top of a small hill and the sheep are set halfway a dip. To the away side, there is a fence and brown grass that jutted into the field so it looks like a come ye field. The comebye could possibly suck dogs in to come up underneath the sheep or even with them. The Nursery field was on the other side of the road as your drove and it looked to be about 350-400 yards. It is a nice field.

Getty made his escape to go disc golfing and I wandered over to Jeanne B trailer and we went to the Handler’s Tent. Suki and Claire B were there stuffing the handler bag and soon we were too. It went quick with many hands. Geri was running about tidying up the loose ends and Lora was efficient in checking in with the volunteer crew. The fence guys made short work of putting up the fence and quickly everything came together. The other work crews were putting up finishing touches and it was coming together well.

I went to the practice field with Scott, Louanne and Lisa. We did our time on the sheep and Derek was busy making sure all the folks got their sheep time. I really appreciate Geri for allowing us this time on the sheep.

Later in the afternoon, Bob Dias and I wandered to the Handler’s Tent and got our good bag. We noticed quite a few handlers at the post area and realized a run was going on. The last minute fine tuning to make sure the course was proper. Claire and Lora ran their dogs. The sheep are coop crosses (I think) and although light, were workable. Push too hard and they turned so you had to be proper with them. They could be light also.

There were a lot of handlers and now I forgot who all was there but I remember Hub and Allyson, Tim Ballard, Scott Glen, Kathy Kelliwic who has Russell and is from Il and just a nice person (sp?), Noelle Williams, Brian Nelson, Lee Lumb, Alasdair, Lana, Francis, Bob Hickman, Dennis and Jean Gellings and a whole lot that I could remember or know.

The handler’s meeting is at 7:30 a.m. and first dog on deck is 8 and they will run 38 dogs. I am at number 11 slot with Roo and we hope we do well.

I’ll post tomorrow and will take pixs…..

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It is so awesome that you are keeping us informed Diane..Thanks!