Tuesday, September 8, 2009

LaCamas Aug 13-16- Nan

I've been behind in posting my trial results so I will update you on Lacamas. The first run with Roo, he was confused and wanted to cross but we finally got the the sheep. We started the drive and he was fried so I retire. The second run, he was sure the white post on the other side was the sheep so he crossed and much to his surprise, the white post was not the sheep and I call him off. Maybe next time, he will listen better.

Nan ran her first run and was wonderful on her outrun, lift and offline on her fetch. He first half of her drive was good then she got too focused and didn't release the pressure so we got killed on that. She had a nice shed and walked the sheep into the pen. Her score was 46. I thought it would have been higher so it was what it was!

After the first set of runs were over, I knew that I had to score a high score to get into the double lift. I went to the post, hungry for a good score. Nan was keen as a whip with me that day.

It was a bit chilly that time of the day. Nan is ready to go. She prefers to stand at the post so I let her. She always finds her sheep.

Through the fetch panels. dead on. A nice, controlled pace.

Keeping them on line. The lambs were light and had no leader.

What a beautiful dog. I love her so much!!

Turning the post. We had a great turn at the post.

Dead on through the first panels.

Really nice then she hit a dead zone and did a swishy movement behind the sheep. So much for a tight turn.

Nice crossdrive. Keeping them bunched nice together and online.

Nan feels her sheep quite well and likes to lean on them.

Spot on through the second panel. We had a wide turn then fixed it nicely to the ring.

Into the center of the ring. She is holding the pressure as the sheep want to go here she is at since that is the direction of the exhaust.

Lining them up. Nan is very patient.

AH HA, Nan comes in to hold the last two lambs who are stunned by her sudden appearance.

Showing her skill in holding and driving them away.

Nan has gotten to be quite the penner. She just marched them in and all I had to do is close the gate.

I always pet her after her run. She did quite well and got a score of 70. That put us in 10th place out of 70 dogs. We got a 70 but needed a 77 to get into the Double Lift. I was happy how well she did. There was quite a large crowd and we got a huge round of applause and cheer when we were done.

Tomorrow, more stories on LaCamas!!

photos by GOODDOG

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