Saturday, September 26, 2009

The last of the Semis

I uploaded the first half and we took a quick lunch break as we didn’t get any breakfast and were starving. Ben and I are your bloggers. Much thanks to Jeanne Boudrieau for the aircard usage. She is a live saver.

We missed Ron Enzeroth and Dusty’s run-were uploading the first 20 runs. They did time out at the pen, and scored 76.

Carol Nelson and Jess have had a very fast run. The missed the fetch panels, had a wide turn at the post, and made the drive panels. The sheep went high on the cross drive panels. Carol had one ewe separate herself off from the group, and Carol attempted to split off one more ewe & call Jess through, but the sheep were too fast and regrouped. After another attempt with the self-sorted ewe, Carol sorted off the other two uncollared ewes and got her shed with just 1 minutes remaining on the clock. They timed out at the pen after a tough time in the penning ring. Score 68.

Pat Shannahan was up again, this time with Riggs. Riggs put down a wide, fast outrun to come in behind the sheep for a nice fetch line. Riggs reads his sheep well, and they set off at a nice pace. The sheep wanted to run across the field, but Riggs brought them back online to easily make the fetch panels. The pace picked up to the post, but not unreasonably, and the turn was tight and smooth. The drive was straight to the panels, with a tight turn and well-paced crossdrive. They hit the panels dead-on, and made it to the shedding ring with 8 minutes on the clock. Pat set up his usual quiet shed, and Riggs came through and held the pair off easily. The sheep hesitated at the pen, and after Riggs stopped several escape attempts, the sheep broke and he had to bring them back. This time, Riggs was taking nothing from the sheep, and they marched on into the pen. They got their final shed in less than a minute, ending a nice run. Score 174.

Tom Wilson and Sly are up. Sly is Diane’s Nan’s littermate. Sly took a nice fast outrun with no hesitation at the lift. The fetch was reasonably straight, the only wobbles at the top, and they hit the fetch panels. The sheep looked to the exhaust at the post, but Sly brought them around to set up for the drive. The sheep challenged Sly, and she showed her teeth to one of them before they gave in and headed on the drive. The sheep ran right between the drive panels, and made a tight turn for the crossdrive. Sly took the sheep straight across the field to the panels. The sheep nearly set themselves up in the ring, and Tom called Sly through for the shed. The sheep again challenged Sly on the way to the pen, but they must have remembered her teeth, because they backed down and marched right into the pen. Sly effortlessly shed off a single collared ewe and sent her to the other side of the shedding ring. It was an awesome run and some fine handling from the gentleman, Tommy. Score is 171

George Stambulic and Kate are back up again for the second time. She was nice on the outrun and bit fast on the fetch. The dust rolled up in swirls in the mid day sun. Now, the sun is beating upon us and I am glad that I under the handler’s tent. A nice driveway and picture perfect drive through, a bit wobbly on the drive and a quick save for the second panel. The sheep are wide on the turn but he did a quick recovery to line them up to march them into the ring. They broke out of the ring to dash to the exhaust and George skillfully worked Kate to bring them back. All is quiet now as we wait. The shed happened but it was out of the ring and he had to regroup and he set it up again with 6:15 remaining. They broke out of the ring again in the other direction and he regrouped them again. He lined them up and one ornery ewe broke back to the exhaust and the other four ran in the other direction. George, showing his class, walked off to tend to his lovely Kate and called his run. Score is RT.

Jennifer Glen and her stunning Lad sauntered to the post. Jenn had one of the brightest pink shirts!! Her sheep tried to break back to the setout several times and they finally got them settled. Lad ran out quickly on the away side and covered ground quickly, then came in like he was going to cross but she stopped him and reflanked him and he went out wide and deep behind the sheep. He came in slow to the sheep and Jenn showed her good handling skill. The ran a little offline not due to the dog and the sheep came back with Lad behind them. The started fast on the fetch but she slowed them down and hit the panels dead on and they came up quick to the post. The settled at the post and he moved up solid on the sheep. Her line was nice to the first leg and a stunning turn at the first leg. She set them up square on the crossdrive and they lined up nice and mosey through the second panels and again, a lovely turn to the ring. The sheep she needed to shed were in the middle and she had to finagle them to shed the uncollared two and she did it with style and calm control. The pen was a walk in and was over in less that 10 seconds!! To the shed for the singl,and at 3:15, and it seemed like without any effort, Lad came in for a wonderful shed. Score is 141.

[Editor’s note: Hello to Bob Salmon in Missouri from Larry Burch. He wants to know if you are really reading this or bluffing. If you are bluffing, you owe him a beer]

Bud Boudreau and Sam had a nice outrun and lift. I could hardly hear his whistles and the sheep looked smooth as they came down the top. It was a very calm and steady fetch and a quiet turn at the post. Sam was well off the sheep and they appreciate it but walking steady towards the first panel and a nice turn. They stopped for a brief snack and with Sam at the helm they started to do a nice steady crossdrive. It’s quiet, slow but he still has plenty of time. He hit the second panels and had w bit of a wide turn but he got back online quickly. With his flashy, large pink bandana, and gentleman walk, the shed was done within a minute of entering the ring. This team walked the sheep into the pen in 10 seonds, much faster than I could type this!! One missed attempt and with 58 seconds to spare, he got the single. We were all at the edge of our seats on this run. Bud has always been nice to me at the Finals that I have attended and I rooted for him on this run!! Score is 162.
[Ben again atht the helm. Diane and Ben are taking turns. Diane is getting wore out blogging. She can be revived with chocolate, in case you want to know…or Mike’s Hard Lemonade]
Larry Adams and Raid had a nice, wide outrun up the outside of the field for a nice lift. The fetch was fast and started straight until the sheep veered well off path to miss the fetch panels. The sheep stopped at the post and then headed for the exhaust at the turn. They didn’t get very far, though, and Raid brought them back online for the drive panels. The sheep went low of the drive panels. The sheep settled a bit for the drive, but were headed high on the crossdrive panels. Larry flanked Raid around and quickly corrected to make the panels. Larry had a fast and clean first shed, and headed for the pen. The sheep hesitated at the gate, but were calmly marched into the pen. They had several minutes left going into the final shed, but the collared ewes were wily about cutting back to the group, and they timed out before getting the shed. Score
Ellen Skillings and Emer started off with the second super-wide outrun of the day, running off the mowed field into the tall grass on the border. Emer came in well behind her sheep for a lift and nice fetch. The sheep got a little off line headed to the post, but Ellen & Emer made a nice turn. The sheep and dog doubled back on the drive (did the dog take the wrong flank?), but they fixed things and finished off a nice drive through the panels. They’re turn was so tight they nearly sent the sheep back through the panels, but instead headed into a crossdrive that sent half the sheep high, but Emer brought them back to make the panels. They had nice, easy shed, then regrouped for the pen. One ewe tried to evade the pen twice, but it didn’t take long to get the pen. The final shed took some time and work, but in the end, Ellen & Emer made the shed with time on the clock. Score is 156.

Dennis Gellings making his second run of the day, this time with Jake, started off with a come bye outrun. They started with a straight fetch, but an over-flank cost them the fetch panels. The sheep were on the move to the post, and then challenged the dog halfway through the turn. They finished the turn and put the sheep on line for the drive. The drive was a bit wobbly, but they made the panels on the low side. The crossdrive was tough and they missed the panels. It didn’t take long for them to get the first shed. The sheep headed past the pen at first, but Jake brought them bake for a fast, easy pen. Dennis and Jake walked into the shedding ring and immediately cut off the single to finish the course with 3 minutes left on the clock. Score is 104.

Bill Berhow, also in his second run of the day, this time with Pete, was up next. Pete started tight, then kicked out well before he reached his sheep. Pete lifted his sheep without hesitation. The sheep ran off-line rapidly, but Pete hauled ass to put them back online to make the panels. The sheep made a wide turn at the post, and then Pete put them on line to march them right to and through the second panels. After the panels, the sheep ran wide and high of the cross-drive line- one of them took a tumble, even. Bill and Pete had the sheep moving right to the panels, and at the last moment, the ewes dove high of the panels. They had a quick first shed that led into a calm, smooth pen. They went back to the shedding ring with 5 min 30 sec to go. Bill and Pete got their final shed in less than a minute. Score is 137.

Danial Keeton and York headed to the post clad in pink like so many other handlers today. York ran a tight outrun and the sheep lifted early. They brought the sheep back online to make the fetch panels. The turn at the post was fast, as was the drive. The sheep made the panels, and then York turned them tight for the crossdrive. They made the panels and headed right for the shedding ring. They got their first shed quickly and had a very smooth pen. Daniel and York had a nice final shed, with 5:14 left on the clock- one of the fastest runs of the day. Score is
Alasdair McRae was back, this time with Nap. Nap ran out a bit tight, and came in right behind his sheep. The sheep did lift early, however, and they had a fairly straight fetch, right through the panels. The drive was nice, with a tight turn to the crossdrive. A straight crossdrive took the sheep directly between the panels. Alasdair and Nap had a quick, smooth shed. The ewes hesitated for some time at the pen, but Nap wasn’t letting them go anywhere but in the pen. Their final shed was quick- this team makes everything look easy. Score is 178.

Amanda Milikin running the 2009 Meeker champion Ethel (who at 10, is the oldest dog on the field), was up next in a resplendent large pink hat (she’d taken off the red dress she had on earlier). Ethel had nice outrun, although her fetch was a bit wobbly. The sheep looked like they were going to miss the panels, but Ethel corrected them and through they went. After their turn at the post, they had one heck of a drive line, and a turn so tight, they nearly took off the side of a panel. They were wee bit off at the start of the cross drive, but that didn’t last long and the sheep were through the panel. Amanda and Ethel were in the shedding ring with 9 minutes still on the clock. These sheep were not inclined to split, but Amanda seized an opportunity and called Ethel through for the shed. At the pen, it looked like Ethel flanked too far around, but no, the sheep walked right in. Again, the two collared sheep didn’t want to leave each other, but Ethel came between them and they got the final shed. Score is
Tess-the-armchair-open-dog is sporting a pink boa in the spectator’s tent. It was on Diane but somehow ended up wrapped around Tess’s neck.
[Diane is now blogging]

Lavon Calzacorta and Tess had a wonderful outrun, nice lift and then a little bobble. They got clean the rest of the fetch and his handling was superb. It was one of the better outwork. Nice, quiet turn at post and an easy start to the first leg. He held the line to the first panel, an excellent turn and lined them for a nice crossdrive. At the entrance of the second panel, they did a short bobble but a good recovery to make the panel, a bit of a wide turn and straight to the ring. Lavon walked nice and calmly into the ring. The ewes really didn’t want to cooperate in the ring and it took a bit to set it up. He called Tess in and she got a very nice shed with authority and have over 5 minutes left. Tess slowly walked the ewes up to the mouth of the pen and deftly worked the ewes inside. A missed attempt at the single and they set it up again. The two marked ewes decided they were best friends forever and refused to be shed and there was another missed attempt and the crowd groaned. The ewes squirted out of the ring and they regathered the ewes for another single but the clock was cruel and their time was over. Lavon is a very nice person from Idaho that encourages the upcoming handlers at the trials. He is a class act! Score is 160.

Allen Mills, whom we have blogged about before, and his Sis are one of the last ones to run. He is a very nice gentlemen who greeted everyone with a huge smile and made you feel welcome. His Sis ran out wide and deep and stopped at the top when Allen downed her. She is a powerhouse and had good control of the sheep on the fetch. She was off the sheep and not running up their behinds and I could see her snout, pointed down and meaning business, Her white flashy legs would strike up the dust and it was like mini dust devils behind her. Allen, in his quiet unassuming way, cleverly worked the sheep around the post and got the first leg going nice and crisp. A sweet turn at the panel and lined then up for the crossdrive. This 3 year old dog sure is going to be one nice dog, no wait, is one nice dog and I think Allen needs to send her home with me. I’ll even trade a pink boa for her! A proper turn at the second panel and Sis still had the sheep’s number and they walked calmly into the ring. Allen, in one of the brightest pinks shirts, and being a guy form Texas, shows he is not afraid to wear pink, with his cowboy hat, had the first shed but alas it was out of the ring and they had to regroup. Got the shed and had a nice pen and for the single, it was walk them into the ring, then poof, the single. Sis had to hold them for a brief second for the call but she did. The crowd gave him a huge round of applause. Score is 167.

Haley Howard and Bodie, a crowd favorite is third from the last. Outrun and lift was nice and the sheep veered offline at the top. The sheep stopped and Bodie got behind them and they veered offline and then back online. Bodie was behind the sheep but all you could see in some of the fetch was balls of dust. Hit the panels dead on and the action slowed down and a very nice pace to the post. They mde the panel and Bodie had a wide flank and for a second it looked like it was going to be a pull through but the skillful handling by Haley, made it a the tightest turn and a line to and through the second panel. Yet, another tight turn and to the ring. Haley calmly walked to the ring and in her hot pink shirt, she set up the sheep. Four broke around her and she set them up again. It was a textbook shed and very quiet and Bodie held them like a pro. With 5 minutes to go, they went to the pen as it they had been doing that all their life. To the ring again, where Haley set up the sheep for the single and got it near the edge of the ring. You couldn’t hear anything from Haley as it was so quiet.
(Ben again for the last two runs)

Kathy Knox and Sal are the second run from the end. Sal had a really nice outrun and a nice soft lift. A bit of a wobble at the top on the fetch, but it got straightened out as the sheep took off down the field. The sheep were barreling down the field, and missed the fetch panels. The sheep took a break at the post, and made the turn calmly. The drive was fast, but on line and the sheep made the panels. Kathy had to flank Sal around fast to prevent the sheep from heading for the hills, and they made the turn and ran for the cross drive. The crossdrive was fast, but the sheep slowed and walked through the panels. The sheep finally slowed down to the shedding ring. Three ewes tried to stick together, but Kathy and Sal split one off, Sal took control and the shed was called. The pen was smooth, with the last ewe deciding it was easier to join her flock in the pen than bolt. Kathy called Sal through in front of a single, and Sal pushed the ewe out of the ring to finish the run.

Brian Nelson and Pleat are the last run of the day. A good outrun lead to a nice lift, but the fetch was fast and wobbly. The sheep headed down the field too fast to turn and they went right around the panels. The sheep know where the exhaust is, and that’s where they headed. Pleat flanked around and brought the sheep around the post to the drive. The drive was fast and not so smooth, but the sheep made it through the panels. The crossdrive was pretty nice and they made the panels. They had a wide turn after the panels. Brian and Pleat made a valiant first attempt at a shed, but missed when one ewe rejoined the group. They finally got their shed, with just over 3 minutes on the clock. At the pen, Pleat headed for the water and had to be called back. Pleat had no trouble penning the sheep, though. With less than a minute on the clock, they headed back to the ring for the single. Brian and Pleat got the single with 12 seconds to spare. Score is 129

Un-Official List for the Double Lift Finals (in order of Semi run, not score)
Kathy Know & Tweed
Bill Berhow & Mike
Haley Howard & Ross
Alasdair MacRae & Star
Scott Glen & Maid
Derek Fisher & Jen
Joe Haynes & Rain
Patricia MacRae & Max
Pat Shannahan & Riggs
Tom Wilson & Sly
Bud Boudreau & Sam
Daniel Keeton & York
Alasdair McRae & Nap
Amanda Milikin & Ethel
Lavon Calzacorta & Tess
Allen Mills & Sis
Haley Howard & Bodie

All the folks with aircards are leaving so I might not be able to blog tomorrows runs until I get back. If you know of someone who can help me, have them contact me.


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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! It is a great deal of effort for all of you to write this detail but know it is very much appreciated!

Enjoy tomorrow..and please find an air card!!!! :-D

Debbie Bailey
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Thank you so much for all the work you and Ben put into your posts today. You are really capturing the personalities and the feel of things. I have enjoyed reading your blog so much these days! Can't wait for tomorrow, so I too hope you find an air card!