Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dexter, OR

It's late and we are hunkered down in the town of Dexter. We were late getting out and hit some slow traffic and decided to call it a night. Getty didn't want to go over the mountains in the night so we are still on the west coast side. we will get into Klamath Falls in early afternoon.

Dexter is on Highway 58. We turned off at Eugene and began to head east. Went for a little bit, then the sun faded and we pulled into a camping area in Dexter. The office was closed and it has a small town flavor to it; you picked your spot on the whiteboard and mark it off and pay in the morning.

As we drove to our spot, we ran into the manager who greeted us and pointed us in the right direction. We go a corner where pets are allowed and the dogs got to stretch. As I type this, the girls are stretching on my side of the bed. Tess has her head on the pillow, naturally. Roo, the male, is in the truck bed.

We have wi-fi and power as part of the deal and it will be the last time we will have wi-fi at the trailer. To get any wi-fi at the trial, we have to drive into town and find a hotspot. I plan to do that daily and get some hot coffee too.

Getty drove all the way and we listened to the football game. He was especially happy when his team LSU beat USL, score 31-3. That was a crush!! He packed his bike so he plans to non-dog events at the trial. But he will watch my runs at least. He is a good sport.

I guess I better head off to bed and squeeze myself among the girls for my piece of the pillow.

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