Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Avid vs HSUS Controversy

Most of you folks have numerous rumors about AVID providing customer data to HSUS. I am very concerned as all of my dogs are chipped with AVID. I have buying my AVID chips from Microchip ID Systems for many years. Their customer service has been wonderful.

I popped off an email to AVID (the parent company) and Microchip ID Systems. Microchip ID Systems sells the AVID products. I asked what was the story on AVID supplying the customer data to HSUS.

I heard back from Microchip ID Systems. Jean Anne Mayhall who is the President of Microchip ID Systems wrote back to me within 24 hours. I consider that a great customer response and especially from the President. How many Company President will take the time to write you back? I am impressed with her. I will continue to do business with Microchip ID Systems. This company listens to the customers.

When I get a response from AVID, I will post it here. Kudos to Jean. I highlighted the important Privacy part in bold.

Here is her email in full:
Hi Diane,

My name is Jean Anne Mayhall. I am the President of Microchip ID Systems. I know you have been a good customer for years and I wanted to take minute to get some facts out there. We would greatly appreciate your cross post as people need answers.

Here are the truths about Avid and the HSUS. We have been getting a lot of calls from across the country. We were as shocked as anyone by Avid's short-sighted decision to do business with Petplan, a corporate sponsor of the Humane Society of the United States. Justifiable concerns have surfaced about the electronic transfer of sales data to Avid.

As far as data and information, here is my letter below...Also you might want to go to the Free Hotline and listen to my longer explanation. Call (712) 432-8595 Press # 5.

The Facts:
1) Microchip ID Systems, Inc. is a private company. We are not Avid. We try to do business in a way that best suits the needs of our customers. We sell a variety other brands of chips, as well as Avid.
2) Avid now requires all of its distributors to submit daily sales records to its corporate office. This is in conflict with my company's published privacy policy.
3) We HEAR our customers loud and clear!
4) We have for almost 20 years worked side by side on issues affecting all of our customers.
5) Call us for more info at (800) 434-2843.

I propose a three prong approach. This is not just about microchips, it is about moving forward and making the light shine on responsible pet breeding and ownership.

The Plan:
1) Privacy Promise -- Privacy Promise -- Microchip ID has launched a new free service for breeders. In addition to our regular Privacy Policy, we now provide every customer with a 'Privacy Flag' option. Typically we would give a calling shelter your name and have them contact you if is one of your chips. Now, we give you the option of more privacy and protection. You can tell us to 'flag' your account...meaning, we give out no information about the chip without speaking to you first. This can even be handled by email if you choose.
2) New Products -- We have gone through all microchip programs currently offered and have decided on the new ProLine of HomeAgain products for breeders. We now offer the TempScan chip, the new Kennel chip and great programs for the pet owner, with no annual fee.
3) Price and Service -- We have great new products and the same great service and support. Some new products we offer are:

Kennel Chip -- Preloaded chip in sterile syringe. Slim, sharp, needle and chip for each puppy. Four peel and stick labels. Privacy Flag available, registered to kennel.
TempScan chip exclusive! -- Scan the chip and take the temp with one pass of the WorldScan reader. Preloaded chip in sterile syringe.
Universal WorldScan Reader -- reads all chips in the pet industry.

Call with any questions, (800) 434-2843 or visit .
Sorry for the confusion! It will all turn out for the best!

Jean Anne Mayhall
MicroChip Identification Systems, Inc.
Folsom, LA
(800) 434-2843

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