Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday- First Day of Open

Much thanks to Jeanne Boudrieau for the use of her aircard so you can get the blog early tonight. Also, to the ladies in the hospitialy suite for the use of the power so I could take notes all day.

The morning was a wee bit cool but it would only be a matter of time before the heat would waylay us. The handler’s meeting was at 7:30 and by 7:15, quite a few of the handlers were on the field, sizing it up for any weakness and what direction to send their dog. To the come bye side, the dog would run up and down several small knolls and the handler would lose sight of their dog. If the dog was short, the dog would appear below the sheep and the sheep would bolt back to the exhaust. To the away side,a fence jutted out about 300 yards away and the dog would have to flare out to be deep behind the sheep.

The handler’s meeting was short and lead by Hub. A water tub was out for the dogs, if they wanted to cool off during the run but you would not lose any points for that but if you lost your sheep, that would be accounted for as part of the run. I am running back and forth and won’t be able to blog about each run, but will do the best as I can. I am doing exhaust later this afternoon so won’t be able to go in much as detail. So bear with me! To see the official score, go to usbcha.org. I didn’t get all the scores or all the runs.

The first handler on the course was Ian Zoerb and Peg and it was difficult and he retired. Jennifer Ewers ran her Soot and it was a nice run. Some notable parts were the nice and sweet pen. Soot ran her heart out for Jennifer.

Candy Kennedy and her Moss has one of the sweetest run so far up to this point. A bit wide but he made up for it with being clean in the other parts. I think Candy was beaming when she got off her field and dancing with delight. I know that I would be. Her score was 165.5 and as of 1:15 on the afternoon, was the leader.

Bev and her Hemp was another nice run to watch. Her quiet control made a nice run. I missed part of it as my run with Roo was rapidly coming up.

I went to the post with Roo and sent him to the right. He bent in and I blew him out and he got behind the sheep and came on strong. I blew a down which he ignored and our first half of the fetch was off and we fixed it on the last half. He was coming on strong and had no issue in pushing the sheep. However a little slower and a few downs would have made this run a pleasure. The drive was fine in some parts and high on others but we got the panels. In the ring as I called him in for the shed, we timed out. We need that one second more for the shed points. His shed was excellent and although we didn’t get the points for it, I was pleased how clean it was. We got a score of 93.

Kathy Knox and Tweed had a bit of fuss at the top but her excellent handling skills soon made the sheep cooperated and they had a nice fetch. The first leg of the drive was a bit off and the rest of her drive was nice with Tweed keeping off the sheep and they were happy. One missed attempt and then a clean shed and marched them into the pen. It was a quiet run and a score of 159.

Mike Meredith and Gus ran after Kathy and Gus ran out solid. The fetch was a bit fast and offline and he got them back online quickly. The drive was also fast and they missed the crossdrive panel. The shed was good and the pen was clean. The score was 124.

Haley Howard was up with Bodie and she laid down a hot run. He was pushy at the top and her drive was steady and online and made both gates. In the ring and pen, he was sweet.

Alasdair and Nap ran in the heat of the day. A bit strong at the top and wide but got back online at the fetch. The drive was not as smooth, with a ewe missing the first panel, a bit high and missed the second panel. In the shedding ring, Alasdair showed his trademark shed. The pen was close with 18 seconds to spare.

Louanne Twa and Isla had a nice, slow run. Isla is a very talented merle who I saw earlier this year and I believe she got 1st or 2nd at that Open trial. This is her first time at the Finals and she handled her dog well throughout the course. I am impressed at her patience on the course.
Milton Scott and Ben had a hard time lifting the sheep as it was dead hot and the sheep were cranky so it was a no score.

Now is when I am exhausting and trying to blog so the rest of the runs maybe not so detailed. Sit down, type, get up and exhaust and the computer will be out of juice soon. Mike Burks and Lynne Green are here with me and helping me with this portion of the blog. It is a three part team effort from now on.

Kate Broadbent and Salt was the next one and she sent her dog on the come bye side. The sheep lifted off and Salt stopped them from breaking back to the setout. The fetch was online and a nice turn at the post. Nice tight turn at the first drive gate. A nice execution of the shed and a bit of work for then pen but she got it.

Ellen Skillings and Emer are number 32 on the run order . Emer was sent out to the right and one of the better outruns. The drive was high, then low and she missed the second panel. The shed was nice and it took a bit to get the pen but she did.

George Stambulic and Kate had a beautiful outrun and the lift was off and he worked hard to get them back online to make the fetch panels and had nice turn at the post. They had a nice drive and hit both panels. The shed was clean and the pen was greeted by a huge round of applause from the crowd and the score was 152.

Your exhaust crew of Mike, Lynne and me have a new word for your vocabulary. Persnickety. As in Persnickety pressure point which is what it was happening this late afternoon.

Bill Berhow and Pete was next and Pete was sent to the right. The fetch was off and a bit fast but they hit the fetch gate. Pete made this first drive panel, went a little high and the sheep went back on line. They hit the second drive panel and the turn was a wee bit high. The shed was excellent and he had infinite patience at the pen with a ewe that was stamping and challenging Pete every step of the way. They got the pen and it was a real crowd pleaser. The score was 155. It was a very nice run.

Ron Burke and Hank from Texas, my home state so I am rooting for him is number 35. The dog came up short at the outrun and the lift was offline as well at the fetch. The rest of the drive was nice. A very nice shed and good pen. Score of 124.

Mike had to run a person up to the top so we lost one third of the Comedy Club. So now, you will just have to suffer with Lynne and I for the rest of the blog. BTW, Mike has been called several names so he is now known as Mike, Rick or Dave.

Dan Keeton and Bingo took to the field. Bingo went to right and had a bit of a fuss but settled the sheep before the fetch panels and made the fetch panels. They had a good first line but the sheep broke almost back to the setout location. They worked hard to get them back online and timed out in the shedding ring.

Patrick Shannahan and Bett were second to the last run and Bet went to the right. It appears she stopped short but we couldn’t tell if Patrick stopped her or not. The lift was fast and the fetch was off at the top end. Nice turn at the post and first leg is straight and steady and made the panels. The rest of the drive was nice and he had a missed attempt at the shed but got it on the second try. The pen was smooth.

Maggi McClure was the last run with Kep. The outrun and lift was good with a wee bit offline at the top but Maggi fixed it. The drive was good and she got the panels. Missed attempt and then the shed and no pen.

We ended at 5:00 and it is sunny. Getty, Bob Dias and I are going out for dinner. I only took a couple of pictures but will try to get them up later. It was too difficult to blog, shoot pictures and then run back to type again. Tomorrow I will blog again and I will try my best but be aware that I will be busy part of the time and not able to get all the runs.

I appreciate the feedback from the folks who have read the blog so it makes it worthwhile.


Anonymous said...

Please keep posting! I've enjoyed reading about the finals:) Stay cool!

Camp said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU..this was so exciting to read..sitting here in Georgia feeling like I was right there with you all day! Wished I could be there too..just so far..but thanks again for your effort to make us all feel a part!

Debbie Bailey

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Thanks for the great updates!

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Awesome update! Can't wait to get there on Thursday!

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Good job with Roo! Sounds like he kept you on your toes. See you in a couple days!

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Thanks for keeping us up to date.

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Yeah you for paying such close attention. Up and over here in Canada we are loving the updates..thanks so much

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THANKS so much Diane... we really appreciate your ace reporting! Good luck and keep us posted.

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Diane, sounds like you are having way too much fun! Thanks so much for including us and please don't stop. Good luck with your runs and Thanks again

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sounds like so much fun! Wish we could be there to watch!

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Thanks for reporting the details, for us poor soda who could'nt make the trip.

satansflaminghairplugs said...

"sods"..."us poor sods

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Thank for posting, It is almost like being there!