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Friday Open last runs

Our guest blogger is Lise Andersen as I am busy this morning, getting ready for my run. I will blog after my run and add comments to the comments that Lise wrote. Melanie Chang is the editor to find my numerous mistakes.

Good Morning everybody….and what a wonderful cool almost mosquito free start to this last day of the preliminaries here in Klamath. Well, not quite true as they were eating me (Diane) up and not Lise. Terry Folsom is running her older dog Cassie. She sent her dog to the right and half way out she began to cross….Terry saved the crossover with a down and redirect. The run went smoothly from there until the shed (which has been the most challenging portion of the trial) proved to be quite difficult. Score 118.

Boone is running with the quiet gentleman Bill Orr. A wide outrun and for some reason at the top he created a 3-1 split with one staying at the setout cone. Boone put them back together but the single continued through the run to give him trouble…leading the three through the fetch panel by 25 feet. His drive started well until the sheep ran to the right of the first drive panel making Boone kick out and run wider to catch them after missing the panel. He placed them back on line and made the second panel. His shed was quiet and unfortunately, at the pen the sheep scooted under the rope. A reattempt at the pen had one sheep go under the rope, then he penned. Score 139

Mike Meredith and Gwyn a typical nice outrun and lift but the fetch has gone awry to the right in a very fast manner. Gwyn worked very hard to try to settle the sheep out and finally after about 5 minutes into her run she made the fetch panel. The sheep are now nicely broke and trotting with Gwyn 30-40 yards off. A tight turn around the post with an S shape drive to the first drive away panel the crossdrive is lovely with Gwyn 50 yards off her sheep and straight thru the panel. A very wide turn with Mike overshooting a bit to put them back on line. There are three minutes left to shed…Mike is hovering his crook over the backs of the ewes, his knees inches from their fat bellies. The shift a bit but are relentless in making an opening for Gwyn. Time. Score 102?

Wendy Schmaltz and Fly had a nice outrun and quiet lift but the sheep are giving Fly grief at the top…staring at her for a minute…until they turn and lope on line down the fetch with a bit of an oscillating pattern thru the panel. A tight turn with an unfortunate miss high of the first drive away a nice cross hitting the panel but unluckily pulling them back thru the panel. A lovely line to the ring (the first nice line this morning from the driveway to the ring). 4:45 left to shed and pen. The sheep have left the ring after being settled. She brings them quietly back and the opening occurs but her dog runs through and does not hold the shed. The judges are expecting the dog to hold the sheep for a bit of time. 2 minutes left. The opening was made for the third time and the shed is complete. 50 seconds to pen and ….and, she pens in 25 seconds….score – 119

Geri Byrne and Jim have been sent again from the right and a nice lift but the sheep quickly go to the right (is there a pattern starting now of drive off line to the right?) -- She misses the panel to the right but now her fetch is nicely lined out. A beautiful turn at the post with the sheep nicely thru the drive away panel, a bit wide turn followed by a drive that is weaving a bit until she lines out to the cross drive panel. Everything was looking great until a bump on the left sent the sheep running by the opening of the panels and scurrying up the hill. Jim quickly caught the sheep that were definitely on a mission to leave. Well done. 6:30 left in the shed ring. The shed ring is quiet with great control and patience. (This has been a very beautiful trial with magnificent weather. The breakfast and lunch “buffet” has been a highlight with a tireless staff providing pastries, farm fresh boiled eggs, delicious endless coffee and hot water, oatmeal, just a bevy of food and no doubt weight gain for most of those who have indulged.) Ah the shed has been completed with only one missed attempted. To the pen with 1:15 left. Geri is displaying the patience needed for this trial. Unfortunately, she timed out at the pen. Score-105.

Dally with Vergil Holland at the post. His sheep are being eased to the setout cone by one person and dog, their heads are down and grazing, occasionally looking around. His dog is sent and casting wide and lovely at the top until slowing to a trot then a walk at 2 o’clock. They lift quietly on line. The sheep go off line to the left, then to the right before settling on line and thru the panels at a trot-lope pace. Dally is 40 yards off of the sheep. A wide turn with the sheep 20 feet from the judge’s stand. Back on line for the drive with a close; miss to the outside and a wide turn after the panel. Back on line and walking with Dally keeping a variety of distances off the sheep from five to 20 yards. Unfortunately, the sheep missed low but are back on line to the ring. 7:15 left in the ring. The sheep are challenging Dally and have left the ring, back into the ring but then the sheep have once again left the ring. 4:30 left to shed. A lovely shed accomplished. 4 minutes to pen. They have gone past the mouth of the pen and they are being a bit difficult. Dally is standing confident and brave as the difficult ewe drops her head for a second contemplating charging Dally, but Dally deftly snaps the air in front of the ewes nose and the sheep jump. Time Score-108.

Wendy Schmaltz will shave her head for Breast Cancer fundraiser…the bidding starts at $1000. She is a generous and brave person. We hope to see her bald soon!

Thad Fleming and Bill at the post (he is already wearing a lovely pink button down long sleeve shirt and supporting breast cancer). A nice outrun with a bit tight at the top. Lovely line with quiet sheep. A little wonky to the first drive away with slicing drive thru. The sheep are walking to the second panel in a very ladylike fashion….oh they like this dog. The nicest drive thru the 2nd panel all day…hopefully the shed and pen will go smashingly. His packet of sheep are 2 Lincoln looking types and 2 Cheviots. The sheep leave the ring. Will the 2 Lincoln shed together? The Lincolns stay together; Bill comes in but no call. A re-shed is accomplished (the split is 1 of each type of sheep) and 3 minutes to pen. The sheep have gone around the back of the pen; the sheep are repositioned in the mouth of the pen and patiently placed in the pen. Score-149

Dave Murray and Kate have started. Her approach is quiet, and from 2 o’clock. On line bit then the sheep are loping in a zigzagging fashion to the fetch panel where they politely go thru. A bit wide of turn and onto the drive at a nice trot. The first panel is deftly made but…low on the second panel. A lovely line to the ring but then a sheep went down, Kate is staring at the down sheep who is in lying and shows no motion of moving. Now Kate is lying down nose to nose with the sheep …the crowd loves it… a great photo opt. The three sheep are moving around the down ewe but it appears she is not showing any interest in playing the game. Kate is moving the three ewes but no luck. 5 minutes remaining. Dave is contemplating talking off and there he goes. The exhaust crew is running out to help encourage the sheep to stand up… and up she pops... and looking quite fit and satisfied with herself. Tough luck. Score RT.

Next up is Sandi Andersen and Best. Had to step away …but she made all her panels and now 4:30 left to shed and pen. A nice opening but the sheep have circled around the handler and rejoined, then out of the ring they ran back into the ring. A nice split at 50 seconds…to the pen and unfortunately the sheep ran by the pen…..Time. Score-80.

Scott Glen and Drift are up. Nice no nonsense outrun with a hard lift, which frazzled the sheep. Scott then settled everything down for a lovely fetch and now we are at the post with happy sheep and relaxed dog. His whistles are quiet and calm. The best drive away so far today but alas a bit wide of a turn. Still the sheep are just walking along like nice little girls. Thru the 2, drive panel but a bit of a funky flank from Drift and a quick recovery….so a bit of a wide uphill turn. Spot on for the drive to the ring…well done. 5 minute to shed and pen. The sheep have not really moved 20 feet from where Scott decided to start his shed. Finally after two ½ minutes he sheds. Now to the pen. At the mouth with 2 minutes. The sheep are looking at the mouth…now at the dog…ugh…..less than a minute and they break away from the mouth but nicely covered and the sheep walk in with 25 seconds left…The crowd roars. Score…140

Allen Mills and the pride of Texas….Sis who is also Allen’s nursery dog who will run in the finals of the nursery and her preliminary run in open today…good thing she is young and running in the cool of the morning. Nothing much to right a beautiful walk trot run with maybe a bit low on the cross drive in the mid section but stunning run so far..The sheep love this dog. Allen is quietly and unassumingly walks to the ring with the sheep still on line. When a run is going well there is not much to say…Uh oh…we do not know if the judge called the shed. Allen is hard of hearing…we hope the judge called the shed for it was lovely but close to the edge. And what a terrific pen…..the crowd is silent with anticipation. It was a real crowd pleaser. Score-166

Ron Enzeroth and Dusty is up. The sheep are being consistently quietly set at the top. All right, the men from Texas are showing the crowd how to run this course. Thanks goodness, as I am a Texan by birthright (Diane). The first glitch is around the post a bit of a face off. Finally after many power plays by the sheep they have turned the post but …still not convinced to go down the hill from the post…now the sheep are back in the game...thru the first drive panel and loping across the cross drive….his time is 5:30 left and he is approaching the 2nd drive panel a bit low but he saves it with a bit of a wide turn and now on line again. These Texans take the last part of the drive seriously and are on line to the middle of the ring. 4:15 to shed and pen. Nicely done on the shed keeping his head and quietly separating the sheep. 2:50 left to pen….the sheep have gone by the pen and now after being brought to the opening of the pen are just walking in….the crowd claps and score of 171

Don Helsley and his 10 yr old dog Cap is to the post. It appears now is a wonderful time to run Cap has done a great job until a bit wide as he approached the post. The wideness has continued and missed the first drive away high, stayed high until missing the 2nd drive panel low. To the ring with 8:15 left ( one person in the crowd said humorously “speed kills”) All is quiet in the ring…the sheep leave the ring and with 5:30 left and an older dog Don being the man who loves and respects the years he has had with this dog retires and leaves the ring. Cap certainly didn’t run like a 10 year old but with no chance of making it thru to the semi’s Don did the kind move. Score Rt

Diane Pagel and her “beautiful” oh..Excuse me Nana is to the post and obviously not typing. A lovely outrun with a bit tight approach…..and well I will let Diane blog on since she retired after flanking multiple times across the fetch line until the sheep decided to head back to the setout pen. However, Nana looked beautiful and was listening brilliantly. Score DQ. (Diane’s note: The sheep were very hard to set as they kept breaking away from the setout person and they had all intentions to go back. Nan tried her best but they would split into two packets to get around her. She did bring them down the field but we were done by then. In spite of the fact we didn’t complete the course, I was happy how hard she tried to work the runaways. She gave me all of her efforts and I can’t ask for more than that)

Bud Boudreau and Sam ran after me so I didn’t see much of his run but he handled the sheep with authority and efficiency. I saw that his drive was immaculate and he got a score of 165 and one of the best run. The crowd gave this fine run a huge round of applause.

Lorri Schubert and Mot walked out and stood proud. Mot went to the left and went over the hill, to the yellow field, and very deep. It was to the farthest end of the green field and by far the wide and deepest of the outrun. The sheep can down nice to the post and a nice turn. Mot was a bit wide and at the first leg, the sheep broke up the field. Mot went on the away side and was too wide and the sheep broke up to the setout and Lorri retired.

Lavon Calzacorta and Gus. Gus came in short at the lift but made it down for a nice drive. In the ring, Gus shed the front two and then a ewe came from and butted Gus. They had to regroup and re-shed but ran out of time.

Lori Perry and Darque ran and I missed most of it. She got around the course and got the pan as I was walking up from cooling down Nan.

Nancy Stephens and Jenn had a good run but she retired in the shedding ring. It is blazing hot and my laptop is running out of juice as we lost power.

Ray Coapman and Jill had a nice run and again, I missed the run.

George Stambulic and Gyp are looking quite nice. A controlled fetch, in fact one of the best so far, and nice turn. His first leg was beautiful but at the last moment, he missed the panel. Cross drive was nice, missed one on second panel and nice turn to the shed. George has been a very nice person to talk to at this trial and I am rooting for him. He had a nice walk into the shedding ring and a missed attempt. He regrouped and got the shed. With 3:40 to spare, he walked the ewes to the mouth of the pen. The ewes kept standing up to Gyp but she showed her power and held true, She refused to budge when three of ewes stared at her. With a bit of finesse, they got the pen at 2:13 and everyone gave him a huge round of applause. Score of 149.

Brian Nelson and Pleat, a Canadian strode to the post Brian has been one of the nicest folks out there and has always offered encourage for the new handlers. The outrun was a wee bit tight at the top end and after a bit, and the rest of the fetch was nice. The first leg of the drive was slow, but he hit the panels and a nice, square turn. And, one of the best drive so far, and got the second drive and easy into the shed. A flawless shed and regrouped them and a fast approach to the pen. The sheep burst away towards the judge’s area and to my left I have Derek and Milton Scott with their version of this run, which is barely, R rated. He got them into the pen and one burst out like a firecracker on the 4th of July. They worked her and got the pen and the crowd screamed with delight at the pen. Score was 148.

Lana Rowley and Kell had a nice outrun and lift. He had good control on the fetch and had a bit of a bobble but got them online rather quickly. The last part of the fetch was nice and it is a pleasure to see Lana’s quiet handling. A few zigs and zags but overall nice and the first leg was a little off as Kell applied some power on the sheep. The cross drive was a little off and they got the second panel. Kell is really on the muscle and in addition to working on sheep, he also works on cattle. Kell is a great all around dog and tons of power. In the ring, Kell walked up firm on the sheep and they offered no fight. They managed to step out of the ring once but they came back in quietly. Lana, in her crisp blue western shirt and hat, looked like a model for the Wild West and is one of my favorite handlers in the world. A missed attempt and time was running out. A second missed attempt at 8 seconds and time was called.

I went out for lunch and missed tom Spencer’s run with Floss.

Jennifer Clarks-Ewers and Sweep was a real joy to watch. Flawless throughout. The outrun was nice and wide and the lift was dead on. Nice steady, calm fetch and a nice turn at the post and a drive to die for. Pretty much a perfect drive. She was very calm and collected and her whistles were very soft. A missed attempt at the shed and the second one was snug and she got the pen. The crowd really gave her a huge round of applause for her run, as it was certainly one of the quietest and calmest run of the Finals. Score was 175.

Ian Zoerb and Peg (the Champion from last year) went up to the post and the mid afternoon sun were melting the grass, the rocks, people; anything is sight, so it seemed. The outrun was fine, had to pop a ewe that tried to run over her and after a bit, she got them down the course. The sheep were fighting and hard to move and they got the first panel and missed the second panel, low and a nice turn to the shed. One fast shed that was not called and she didn’t have total control and they regroup quickly for the shed. With 2:22 to go, they walked up to the pen, and Peg held her head low and they walked in to a huge round of applause from the crowd. Score is 130.

Alasdair MacRae and Star had to wait until they moved sheep. Star ran wide then came in fast and she took the down and had a nice lift. The fetch got offline prior to the fetch panels, hit the fetch panels and were a lot slower on the last half of the fetch. A very nice turn and a control slow first leg of the drive, got the panels and a very tight turn, quickly lined them up, hit the second panel. A tight turn to the shed and entered the shed at 4:33. The ewes stood in the ring, glancing about as if to say “What are we doing here?” and the place went silent. Alasdair calmly walked to the sheep and set up the shed and at the last second, one ewe broke to join the first two, He quickly lined them up again, and everyone stopped talking again. The shed was good and one ewe tried to run over Star and Star held the ground then the ewe’s nose was inches away from Star’s face but she held strong and the shed was called. At 1:51, they marched to the pen and got the pen. The crowd gave a huge round of applause for this skillful run! Score is 167.
Larry Adams and Mirk had a grip at the top (?) and was DQ.

Gayle Cochlan and Cap, a Canadian ran in the heat of the day. Cap ran out hard and had fat lift and hard on the fetch, zig zagging all over the fetch line. They missed the fetch panels and the pace was still fast. The first leg was rough and they were wide at the first panel, missed the first panel and lo on the cross drive. They straighten up, got the second panel, and were a bit wide going into the ring. She got the shed and retired her at the pen due to the heat.

Kathy Knox and Sal had a nice outrun, lift and the fetch looked good at the top. A little wobbly prior to the fetch panel and they got the panel and the last half of the fetch was nice. Offline on the first leg of the drive and the sheep were fast. They made the first panel and had a nice line, hot the second panel and a very nice turn to the shed. She was calm in the ring and a textbook shed and she slowly walked to the pen. With 3:15 at the pen, they worked hard. The sheep tried to break behind Kathy but they quickly got them and lined them up and Sal stood and held her ground. One ewe tried to break to the side but Sal got her and tucked her back in and Kathy got the pen with 1:46 left on the clock.

Ray Crabtree just announced that Scott Glen and Don are the USBCHA Nursery National Champions. Way to go Scott and it went to a classy person as well a top handler that earned not only the win but also the respect of everyone with his flawless handling of Don. I missed his runs since I was blogging but people reported to me that his runs were picture perfect and textbook and a dream to watch.

Ron Burkey with Tot, another Texas team, is running with their fetch just a bit off line at the top. Tot is staying nicely off her sheep and they are enjoying their freedom and just tootling along the course. A nice turn with a momentary face off and once again they are marching around the course nicely on line towards the first drive panel, they are thru with a bit of momentum so a slight wide turn, but Tot has them back on line nicely and walking along the cross drive. The sheep have broke into a lope and stopped suddenly at the ditch. A moment hesitation and they are moving again. He is /was on line but went a smidge high and Tot appears to not be listening and now driving the sheep up the hill. She appeared confused on her flank. They have 4:30 left to bring them 100 yards past the drive panel. They have entered the ring with 3:20 left. Most of the handlers have figured out they need to just let the sheep stand for a bit before shedding, and Ron is being patient. 2:00 minutes remaining, he needs his pen and shed to move on. Now a score of about 150 would keep him in, but on the bubble. 1 min remaining, the sheep just are not splitting. He tried to force a split and the sheep gave him the 1-3 split. 30 seconds left…. he got his split….but the time is his enemy….running to the pen opening the gate, sheep trotting up the hill to the pen and TIME!!! Bummer. Score: 109

Dennis Gellings and Jan from Canada are up. They were reserve champions at Meeker in 2008. Jan is doing well for an 8-9 year old girl. Nice fetch with Dennis having her well in hand. The sheep are just relaxing around the course, almost thanking Jan for the nice way she is escorting them. An ever so slight wide turn, but lovely after making the third panel. For as controlled and even paced, this run has been the sheep have arrived with 6 minutes remaining. Now the shed, which has remained the most challenging part of the course. A textbook split with 4:30 left, a re-gather in the ring and Jan knows her job. As Dennis turned his back, she quietly flanked herself to start the sheep to the pen. What a nice team to watch. And with 3:30 remaining, the sheep just walked on in. The current Canadian open champion has demonstrated why they hold the title. Score: 179.5 the new leader of the preliminaries!

Peg Anderson and Silk (Who is a full sister to my Nan and Tommy Wilson’s Sly) ran out wide and then came in a bit tight but settled down. A bit of a fuss and the sheep stood up to, she and she finally got them going. Nice drive and good control and they are quite the nice team. They were calm in the ring and Silk had her ears upright and looked happy. Peg was very patient, the sheep were facing Silk, and it was calm. I could the same moves that my Nan has in the ring and it was nice to see the hard work that Silk was giving Peg in the ring. She has no fear as she would walk up to the ewe’s nose and she meant business. The ewes stuck together like glue as they could sense her presence. There was the tiniest of gaps, like a sliver of light peeking through a crack in an old log house and Silk came through. She opened the gap, held and then gripped a quick grip that it was and was called off for it but it was a wonderful run, nevertheless.

The Canadians are lining up in droves this afternoon and Bob Stephens and Pat walked to the post. Bob has strong dogs that mean business and it take a good handler like him to run them. His old Turk, was one, if not, the top cattle dog in Canada and an excellent sheepdog and the dogs he runs are descended from Turk. Turk, sadly died last year but left a huge legacy in his pups and grandpups. The first time I saw, Turk, I was awed but him. Pat went out wide and he had a slot lift, then the fetch was fast. Pat is a no nonsense type of dog and the sheep knew it. The sheep came straight to Bob’s feet and had one of the tightest turns. They had a slow start of the drive and the ewes turned on Pat then there was a grip and he was called off.

Bev Lambert and Mirk was the third from the end and I am getting tired of blogging. I moved to a softer seat and am sitting next to Rose Anderson and her lovely merle, Shen who got her ROM. She is one of the few merles that is running successfully in Open. Shen has run twice at two Nationals! Rose is helping with the blog now. The outrun is beautiful, lift was calm, the fetch is fast and a tad bit offline. She got quickly back online and they had a bit of a stall at the fetch panels but they got them through. The line is very nice and one of the best so far. Not too wide at the post, a little offline on the first leg and they got the first panel and they broke away, trying to go back to the setout. Mirk went wide, trying to cover, and got the sheep back but by this time, they were above the fetch panels and it took a bit of work to get them back. She got them back and lined up on the proper side of the fetch panels and they fought Mirk the entire time. The sheep were pushing hard and they bolted through panels, a wide turn (expert handling to read this situation) and into the ring at 2:45. One ewe decided she didn’t want to play the game and bolted but Bev put her back together. The sheep bolted out of the ring and the time was getting close. That darn ewe un-joined herself so Bev got her to join her buddies again and the sheep bolted and ran near the second panels. Mirk ran out of steam, the sheep got off course, and time ran out.

Maggi McClure and Lil, from Washington are at the post. Lil had a nice outrun but a wee bit tight at the top, Lift was nice and a little offline and the fetch is offline to the side of the field. She turned them to get them back online and the ewes are flighty, bolted the other direction, and are wide. She missed the fetch panels and the sheep came down hard. The first leg was fast, they ran through the panel, and the turn is wide. She got them online and things settled down. A bit high and then she corrected and hit the panel and wide to the shedding ring. Things calmed down in the shedding ring Missed attempt and then a nice shed and 4:51 left. The sheep was pen and it was pure class. Score was 126.

Bob Dias and McCloud from California was the last team to run for the day. I’ve know Bob and Rochelle for many years and they are the nicest couple. They love their dogs and provide the best homes for them. Rochelle has a daughter of Tess, named Koko who is a great open dog. Cloud went out steady and approached the sheep cautiously and they lifted offline. They disappeared into the swale but came out fast and offline. Bob skillfully handled Cloud to get them back online just past the fetch panels and things began to settle. Nice turn and Cloud marched up to the ewes for the first leg of the dive and they got offline. They got online and missed the panel on the inside, turn was wide, and he got them back online. Cloud was giving nice flanks and they moved smartly on the crossdrive. They got a bit high then corrected and got low and missed the panel and turned to the shedding ring at 6:45. Bob, in his red shirt and sharp red hat, carefully set the ewes for a shed. The ewes would turn to face Cloud, who should power and held his side. He is a lovely tri with a good method of work and a willing partner and their teamwork was evident. The ewes tried to break out of the ring but were turned back by this wily dog. An expert shed that was smooth as silk left the audience quiet. One of the ewes turned to face Cloud and he held his ground and she quickly decided the best place was with her companions. Bob lined then up at the mouth of the pen and one broke away but Cloud turned it. The crowd was a t the edge of their chairs and they worked the ewes to the mouth of the pen again and had a smooth pen. It was greeted with a large round of applause from the crowd and it was a good day to end with a successful run.

The semi will start tomorrow at 7:00 and I will try to blog then.

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