Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday Finals at USBCHA

The morning haze hung over the field and was a welcome relief from the other mornings that were blazing hot. The sheep also welcomed the coolness and the runs in the morning had some nice high scores. I wandered to the field with my laptop and Nan as my buddy. Getty decided that a hike was in order and off he went. He has been a great spouse during this trip, taking the dogs for a walk, making coffee and being a great support staff.

First run was Joann Zoerb and Mik. I am especially fond of Mik as my Nan is his mother. The run was fast but she completed the course. Mik is a very strong dog and one heck of a nice dog on sheep. Joann is a good handler on the field and a joy to watch.

Lee Lumb and her Nan, also had a nice run. It was steady and quiet as is her style. The outwork was awesome and nice turn at the post. The sheep fought her on the crossdrive but she handled them well and hit all the panels. The shed was pretty and quick and as she was closing the gate, the time ran out so she didn’t get the pen. Her score was 132.

I missed Sandra’s run as I was at the eye tent but people said it was good. She did get the pen. Albion lost his sheep to the setout. I also missed Thad’s run.

Jennifer Glen and Lad was the run that I took photos of and they will be posted in a few days. Lad ran out wide and slowly lifted the sheep. They fussed a bit at the top then lined out and swirled at the fetch gates and had a nice turn. Nice, straight first leg of the drive and a bit high on the crossdrive and then made the second panel, Nice line into the shed ring and Jennifer took her time in setting up the shed and got it textbook style. She took her time at the pen but meant business and walked them in and got a very nice score of 152.

Patrick and Riggs had a wonderful run. It was on of those runs that make you go “AH” and it did make the crown go awe. Wonderful outwork from the ever quiet Patrick. The drive was nice and steady and online and a good line into the ring. Patrick did his calm shed and made it look like it was no effort at all. At the pen, the sheep were stubborn and a couple refused to go in and darted around the pen and he ran out of time. He got a 154 for his efforts and one of the best runs that I have seen.

Lana Rowley and Blue came on strong at the top and it showed that this dog has the gumption to move anything. He is one tremendous male and a handful to run. Under the guidance of Lana, they completed the course. The drive lined out, then abit of fuss occurred which she skillfully fixed and she had a joyful shed and a quick pen. His score was 140 and not bad for an 10 year old dog.

Francis Chai and Chime ran and they are a good team. Nice steady work for a score of 122. He is a nice, quiet handler who loves his dogs and it shows in their teamwork on the field.

Nancy Stephens ran her Ike who is a powerhouse. Their score was a 132.5. At this point my laptop died since the power went out and I lost some write-ups so trying to remember what happened so it will be stretchy. Dave Murray and Moe had a DQ at the turn at the post. Dawn Boyce, our neighbor had a very nice run.

Emil Luedecke and Spot run was nice but I missed it due to the power situation. Michelle Howard and Jill had a nice run. She had a bit of a fuss at the top, a nice quiet drive, solid shed and pen. The score was 126. Again, for official scores go to the website.
I missed Carol Nelsons run and sorry about that.

Haley Howards and her Ross had a nice methodical run. It was a real crowd pleaser and with a score of 177 that showed the quality of work. Not a step out of place and a steady pace and a joy to watch. This is the type of run you want to see at the Finals. The sheep never questioned Ross throughout the run until the shed at which time a ewe decided to challenge Ross. In a pure quiet show of strength he backed the ewe half way up to the pen at which time with superb timing he gripped the ewe’s nose with an immediate release. The ewe quickly but calmly turned and walked with the others to the pen. The crowd roared with delight after the pen as they should!

Bill Berhow and Mike was also a run to watch. Nice outrun, lift and tiny bit of fuss at the top. Straight fetch and a quiet first leg, excellent turn and a little high but quickly lined up for the crossdrive. He hit both panels and nice last turn. His textbook shed with hardly a word and total calm. The sheep sauntered up to the pen and Bill held his side while Mike slowly walked in on his side. The crowd was quiet and then a big ahh went up as one ewe broke away but Mike quickly brought her back. The ewes broke around to the backside of the pen and Mike slowly brought them back to Bill. Three went in while that one wayward ewe darted to the side and as she was going to the mouth of the pen, the time ran out. Score of 146.

Jim Swift and Zac, Judy Loflin and Cam’s run I was not able to see as the power went out again and Iam trying to recharge my laptop. Once it is charged then I can post more. We don’t know why the power keeps going out but the Hospitality folks are wonderful about letting me use their power and I am grateful for that.

Amanda Milliken and Ethel had a nice run with a score of 158. I just got back to see the end of it and Ethel had the sheep in full control. Maury Harris and Brie has a tense moment in the ring and got the pen with 24 seconds to spare. His score was 118. Sonia Craig scratched.

Libby Nieder and Lyn ran in the heat of the day. I met her at LaCamas and she ran well there. She is a fun person and I am rooting for her. Nice outrun and lift and little bobble on the fetch. Dead on the first leg of the drive, a bit of a bobble before the second panel which cast her to miss it and then into the ring. They ran out of the ring once and they were jumpy in the ring. There was one missed attempt, a regroup and then a shed. A nice touch at the pen and it was complete for a score of 127.

Jeff Blackstone and Dusk, from California ran around 1:00 in the horrid heat. His lift was nice but then the fetch began to be wobbly. There was a bit of a standoff and then he got them back online. They had a bit of trouble on the drive.

The haze had lifted mid morning and the sun began to beat down on us. Swirls of dust soon coated everything and my dark hair became a fine shade of tan. I will be taking a long shower tonight to rid myself of the three pounds of dust that is covering me now.

Word from the Nursery is that Scott Glen and Don got a 159. First place is a 161 with Ron Enzeroth and Dot. Other top scores are Joni Swanke and Griz with 121, Alisdair and Molly with 118, Emil Luedecke and Lad with 125, Tricia Guidy and Tipper with 120, Patrick and Tater with 135 and Anet Haithcox and Dod with 156. I haven’t had any time to go over there so I am getting info from other handlers that I can waylay as they pass me!! If I type someone’s name wrong, I want to apologize in advance.

Jennifer Glen and Lucy ran and the sun seemed to inch up a few more degrees. She ran out tight at the bottom then widen out at the top and had a nice lift but off a bit. The fetch was hard and offline but she hit fetch panels. The first leg of the drive but the crossdrive was a bit high and low and she got both of her panels. It took a bit to get the shed but it finally happened. One ewe kept facing Lucy off and Jennifer was patient and got the shed. With less than a minute to spare, they raced to the pen but timed out. They almost had it but a ewe broke away and there was not enough time to regroup and pen. The score was 118.

Suzy Applegate and Buzz Made a very quick run through the course with a good shed and quick, clean pen. Score 141

Karen Child and Rock walked to the post around 2:00. The smoke is still hanging upon the hills surrounding the open course from the fires (?) and the mid day heat is quite a challenge for dogs, sheep and handler as they approach the post. She sent to the right with a cautious approach to the sheep with a nice lift, however the sheep still wish to take themselves and the dog back to the set out pen. Tough luck for dog and handler as they high tail it to the setout. It is time for a 4wheeler ride to retrieve her dog. She retired gracefully.

Corey Perry and Jill from Alberta come to the post one of the few out runs on the come-bye a nice quite approach to the sheep with a little bit of a stand off as they began to move down the field. The fetch has a few zigs and zags but Jill seems to keep good strong contact with her sheep as they hit the fetch panels dead center. A nice turn around the post and a beautiful drive to the panels, Jill is lining them out for the cross drive with great control. The cross drive panels were hit dead center as well, with a nice line to the shed ring. With 5 minutes to go at the shedding ring Jill just came through on the first attempt for a clean shed and on to the pen. Jill and Corey just didn’t get the pen, those ole girls learned they could circle around and out of the way of the pressure. Score 149

Herbert Holmes with Pard strolled up next. Herbert is our USBCHA President from South Texas. A left hand drive with a bit of a wobble at the top as the sheep take off to the right, but Pard catches them and works to get them back on line. The fetch came rather fast down the field and just slide around the fetch panels, things slow down a bit at the post. The sheep are at a nice trot approaching the drive panels as they stand in the center of the panels to re-evaluate the dog, The cross drive is moving along cautiously, however the clock is ticking away and missed the crossdrive panels low. Back on line to the shed ring, Herbert is letting the stock and dog settle before pushing for the shed. The question is, which lucky two will get the chance the escape. And the shed comes to completion with ease. Herbert saunters to the pen with a minute 36 seconds, it takes a few seconds for the girls to contemplate the mouth of the pen only to decide it is not a place to be and take off, as the buzzer sounds. Bad luck at the last minute.
Wilda Bahr and Grace of California shall try their hand at this beautiful green course.
Wilda sent to the right Grace approached at 1:00 and moves cautiously on to the lift, yet the sheep still break off to the left and behind the hill of questionable return. One sheep comes back into view with the dog behind this doesn’t look good with the dog and single headed for the hills to the right side of the field. The dog is called off and magically the other three appear at the top of the field heading back to the set out, pen. This will be a retire for Wilda and Grace, tough luck for a nice lady. At this point, the sheep are winning. Also, it has been very hard to get any sheds with ease. The wily ewes dart all over the shedding ring like ballet dancers on speed.

Patricia Macrae and Cap are up next from Missouri. The sheep are set and she sends her dog to the right, Cap is taking a very wide out run under the sprinkler and into the tall grass. The lift is quick with a little wobble, but still keeping a fairly good line to and through the fetch panels. The sheep approach the post as a steady trot, and turn the post nicely. The drive began well, but the sheep with high around the panels, the cross drive is going well and looks like she’ll hit the panels right on, a bit wide on the turn but comes back onto line straight to the shed pen. The shed is tough even with lots of patience, after a few attempts the shed is accomplished with just a little over one minute for the pen. Time just didn’t allow for a pen. She worked hard to try to get the pen. Score is 130.

Joe Haynes and Rain from Washington was next. Outrun was beautiful, lift fine and fetch was strong and wobbly. Turn at the post was good and the drive was good and in the shedding ring, Joe took his time setting the sheep. He had them settled in the mouth of the pen and one ewe broke. He gathered them up and worked it again and got the pen with quiet authority. Score is 148.

Teri Pelkey and Bob The out run was a nice outrun to the right, the lift and fetch has been a bit fast and furious missing the fetch panels. Things slowed down at the turn around the post with the dog and sheep stalled for a few seconds before beginning the drive away. They made the drive panels and have a bit of a wobble getting lined out for the cross drive the cross drive panels were missed low by just a small bit. Bob brought the sheep back on line nicely to the shed ring where they settled down. The first attempt at the shed was so nice and quiet, but Bob just wasn’t ready to come in, he got the shed on the second attempt. Dog and sheep stare at each other to see just who will out-last the other with Teri’s help the sheep decide the pen is the best option. Good job! Score of 116.

Pam Boring and Jake received a 108. The run was fast but wobbly but we don’t have much info here gotta watch the next run. We got busy trying to do other stuff.

Two more runs left on this smoky afternoon. Finally, a cooling breeze has begun. Dan Keeton and his 4 year old dog York is approaching the post. York is going nicely up the field but on the fetch was hard and way offline but got them back online. Dust rolled behind the sheep and his whistling could be heard in the handler’s tent. The turn was wide at the post and York is looking a bit warm. They are racing up towards the first drive panels, and a bit of flopping about got the first panel. BTW Lise Andersen from CO is giving me this blow by blow info at warp speed and I can only type 5 words a minute and not the 700 words a minute she is telling me. The crossdrive was good and he came into the ring with 8 minutes to spare. I believe this was the fastest run so far. I could see clouds of dust throughout the course. Everyone settled in the ring which was a good thing as I think Lise ran out of breath telling me all the details on this run. He got the shed and it was calm and worked slow at the pen with 5:30 minutes left on the clock. At 4:00 left on the clock, he got the pen. The other editorial staff is Tina and Terry LePlatt and it has been a good time. They are pinching hitting for me on the blog when I stepped away this afternoon. The score is 145 and is on the bubble to get in the semis.

Last run of the day is Noelle William and Nap. Had two redirects on the outruns and Nap is slow to come in on the lift. At the turn at the post, she had lost half of her time but she had a nice turn at the post. The dog was methodical and the drive was slow but online and they came into the ring with 3:15 on the clock. She set the sheep up and got a quick clean shed. She didn’t get her pen The score was 132.

Tomorrow morning will begin again at 8 AM with Terry Folsom and Cassie…good luck to the handlers tomorrow.

Again, any typos or inaccuracies are not deliberate and I am trying to type and watch, etc….so bear with me. Much thanks to Allan for the use of his aircard.


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