Monday, September 14, 2009

Results from the International Sheepdog Trial in the UK

Great photo slide show by the Calgary NewsPaper.

From the ISDS website

The top 15 handlers from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales are competing for the 15 places in Sunday's Supreme Championship. In addition, there is a Brace competition and four Young Handlers will be competing on the final day during the lunchtime break. Report from Andrew Hall with information from Suzy Woolston and Austin Bennett.

Supreme Championship Result
The Supreme Championship is decided on Merit Points. For each of the four judges, the handler coming first gets 15 points, and so on down to the handler in last place who gets one point. Thus if all the judges place the same person first, that handler will have 60 Merit Points.

In reverse order:
15th: Allistair Lyttle SPOT Dis
14th: Ian Ibbotson ZAC Ret
13th: David Mullan TAM 12 Merit Points 208 Judges' Points
12th: Pat McGoldrick GLEN 16 291
11th: Aled Owen MAC 20 253
10th: Simon Mosse DARK 24½ 293
9th: Bobby Dalziel JOE 29½ 416
8th: Michael Lonton DON 30 418
7th: Gwyn Jones CLWYD NELL 37½ 437
6th: Michael Gallagher CAP 40½ 450
5th: Ewen Mackinnon 42 457
4th: Michael Longton MONTY 48 493
3rd: James McGee BECCA 52 510
2nd: Mark Elliott 56 524
And this year's International Supreme Champion is Richard Millichap DEWI TWEED 60 547

Team Result
In a very close contest, England have won the team title:
1: England 4073
2: Scotland 4046
3: Ireland 3973
4: Wales 3921

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