Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ruts and Good Beer

First thing on the agenda is to thank Jean Singer from southern California for the use of her laptop and aircard so I can post this blog from the field. Everyone be sure to thank her for that. Without her generosity, you would not get the blog tonight.

Well, we finished the drive and made it to the field. Of course, we had to stop at Walmart, in Klamath Falls and load up on supplies. That was a kick in the pants. We didn’t see anyone that would be material for People of Walmart Blog.

Ok, here is the Caution. There are two long VERY DEEP ruts in the field as you drive in. They are parallel to the road you enter on. They are deep and one person got stuck already. When you drive in go left and turn before the first porta potty. Go slow and take the ditch at an angle and there will be no problem. It is the irrigation ditch rut.

The RV parking is very nice as the field was freshly mowed. It is about 1/3 full so far, about 30 campers and more arriving as I type this. Everything looks great so far.

Now, I am sitting in Mike Burks’s trailer and watching football and drinking Georgetown “Manny’s Pale Ale” . Getty is enjoying himself and tuning Mike’s guitar. Mike is so excited that he spilled the beer and set off his carbon monoxide alarm. Jean and I have having too much fun laughing!

I guess I better quit before we get into too much trouble. I’ll  post tomorrow night.

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