Friday, September 18, 2009

Mike's Hard Lemonade

For some reason I haven't been drinking beer like I used to. Why, you ask? Well, I discovered Mike's hard Lemonade. I buy this all the time. Seriously.

I love lemonade and it is one of my favorite drinks so naturally when they added a little alcohol to it, it was a bonus. Plus it just tasted great. Since I got my travel trailer, I have been toting along Mike's Hard Lemonade to drink. That way I can drink and not drive. I just plop myself in my chair, read a book, have dinner or whatever and drink about three a night. They are so tasty you can chug them down.

I know they had alcohol in them but just figured it was not much. Quite a few times, I would have one for lunch and then go run dogs in the Open class- quite successfully, I might add. Then a few with dinner and I get a great night sleep.

BTW, they offered PINK LEMONADE which is by far,my favorite!!

So at the last trial, I turned on my friend, Jennifer on to them. She never tried them and of course, we drank three in a ROW. We were laughing and giggling and having a good time. I had mentioned to her that they were pretty low in alcohol content so we checked the label.

5%...hum not bad, I mentioned but Jennifer said it was stronger that beer. No way I told her! So we call Janet and left a message for her to check her beer in the fridge.Then we call Jennifer's husband who we actually went to the fridge and looked up the alcohol content of the beer.

4%...oh, oh, we then roared in gales of laughter. By then, we had polished off all the Mike's hard lemonade. OOPS, so it is stronger than beer. But a heck of lot better tasting too.

Well, that explains a few things. One, that I am pretty relaxed after lunch when I run my dogs after I had my Mike's lemonade. Two, I fall asleep quickly and have a good night sleep.

Naturally, this is NOT going to make me stop from drinking my Mike's Hard Lemonade at lunch or at dinner when I have my trailer at the sheepdog trials. I'll just have that secret smile of when Jennifer and I were giggling to beat the band after we found out how truly strong the lemonade was.

I'm on my way to the USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals and of course, we will have the lemonade in our fridge. It's a tradition now

Alas, the pink Lemonade will be going away soon. It was in honor of Jacqueline S, who was part of the Mike's Hard Lemonade family. I hope they reconsider and keep it.

To go to their site: MIKES LEMONADE


Hillcrest Border Collies said...

Try Mike's Harder Lemonade (8%). It has been my choice for the summer.

DeltaBluez Tess said...

I know. Mike's Hard Lemonade wrote and told me about that. Their drinks are just wonderful.

Ruth Hansell said...

I've got to say I like the Hard Limeade better, with a squeeze of fresh lime in it. I can't keep it around, I'd never get anything done!