Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Update on Tess pups!!

The pups are growing by leaps and bounds....they just turned 2.5 weeks old. They are walking now, eyes open and tails awaggin'. Some try to go faster than their little legs can support them and they pitch forward onto their noses. They have the cutest puppy purrs when they are happy. All eight are huge, fat and very healthy.

Tess is a great mom. The pups are shiny and clean.Her whelping box is clean and doesn't smell. Not only she is a good mother but a very clean mom as well as totally devoted to them. Finally this week, she actually will lay on the floor next to the box than being in it 24/7 prior. However, her eyes are fastened on her pups and as soon as one pees or poops, she leaps in and cleans it up.

Two of the pups are dark gray and the rest are black and white. The female is named "DeltaBluez Rainey" by Jeff (spouse) and she is staying. She is petite but feisty. Somehow I think she will be a spoiled house dog like her mama!! and no doubt, just as a good working dog too.

It's fun watching the pups and seeing how they are growing up. Last night, Terri came over with toys and red Xmas stockings and she took pixs. I'll post a link when she gets them up. Terri was great with the pups and one tried to crawl up her pants leg when she was sitting on the floor. soon she was surrounded by the wee monsters.

Tess was laying next to her, getting spoiled. Tess likes Terri. After all, how can one not like Terri....she brought Tess a duck toy and Xmas stockings for the pups!!

More stories later

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