Thursday, November 15, 2007


....I'll put up a blog for the DeltaBluez dogs that live here....first is "DeltaBluez Lucy"

For those of you that know Lucy....she has been at Eric's ranch for the past couple of months....she is working 1000-3000 ewes. Eric run a large operation in Eastern Oregon. It has made her a stronger dog as she has to push 250 -2200 or so ewes. Lucy is a grand daughter of DeltaBluez Tess x Scott Glen's Pleat and DeltaBluez Libbi x Martha McHardy Ryan.

Lucy is running in PN trial and is very talented. At her last trial, she won 1st in PN. She just turned 3 in August. She wants to please and is very driven to work. She is a red dynamite package that is very biddable. When she gets back, I will polish her up and get her ready to go back into PN for the rest of the trial year and then move to Open in August.

Here is the link to Eric's site.

and her is the link to Lucy's page!!


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