Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Eye see you

Today Jade, Joss and Jet went to the eye vet. They got their CERF exams and passed.

Prior to their appointment we had them in the lawn so they could go potty. The vet tech and I made some observations:

Joss is now longer shy. In fact, he wants, no make that demands "attention" like right now.
Jet has the cutest dished face with the most expressive face.

Jade is not a smooth coat but will be a rough coat and is the feisty brat. Hum, I want a smooth coat so I picked the runt who looked like a smooth coat. All pups come quickly when you call "pup, pup"

So we brought them in and they were the hit at the clinic. Fat, rolly-polly pups who swarmed over anyone who dared enter the room.

Finally the vet came into the room and Joss, being the male, quickly grabbed her skirt and tugged on it. We all got a kick out of that.

First pup was Joss who tried to lick the vet's nose while his back end was going 900 miles a minute. Then Jet who fell asleep. And last was Jade who also tried to lick the vet.

All the pups were quite good and we bid adieu to the eye vet and drove home. Last I saw the pup were all snuggled in their box, fast asleep and no doubt dreaming of the next person they can give puppy kisses to.....ah, puppy breath.....

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