Monday, November 19, 2007

"Bye, Bye Joss"

"Bye, Bye Joss"

Joss went to his new home last night. Last I saw of him, was his face was pressed to the window while he was the navigator with Ron on his journey to Eastern WA. I think Joss is going to be quite a bit like his sire....already he is longer than his sister, a lot smoother coat and reminds me of what Tait might have looked like as a pup. (Beauty contest material---he is NOT!!) Neither Peg or Tait are the prettiest Border Collies, some might say both are downright ugly, but beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.....both are great workers and Tait is one of the top cow dogs. So did I mention that Joss will be living with his sire too? I am sure Tait will be happy about that.....

Jet is doing well in her home. from what I gathered she got a bath and is learning not to wail in the crate....she is very vocal and thinks the world revolves around her so this will be a rude awakening. Jamie is going to love her spunk.

Jade is her now with no sister and no brother but just with her mother. Peg still pays attention to her but each day, her maternal instinct is fading more and more. jade has a cute dished face and will be a rough much for a smooth tri but she has the most outgoing personality!! The other Border Collie have been letting her get away with lots but I suspect in a few months, that will change too.

I will post pixs this weekend......

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