Friday, November 23, 2007

Peg (Imp Teg) Welsh bitch

Peg- For Sale

I am downsizing my kennels....I just realized that I am overdogged and need to reduce some numbers. Since I am keeping a Peg pup, (Jade), I am offering peg for sale. Peg is from Wales, brought over by Marion Jones and eventually landed up with me. She is a grand daughter of David Brady's Scott. She was imported about 18 months or so I have been told.

She is a smooth tri coat. Very expressive eyes and kind dog. It took her a bit to settle in but now she is one of the friendliest dogs on the farm. She ever plays with the other dogs and will swim after boys in the pond and bring them (most) of the way to you. She is a good house dog and sleeps in her dog bed, crates well and is a clean kennel dog.

She has a great recall, very loving and biddable. She is not a dog for a Novice person as she is a strong dog to run. She has a bit of eye that may draw her in but she will flank out if you tell her. She has nice, wide outrun and settles behind her sheep. She is the best driving dog, put her on a line and she will drive a straight line. She is on voice and whistle commands.

Peg has done lots of farm work too. She has worked in the crowded stalls, holding sheep and pushing them off the side. She will go between the sheep and wall to move them off.

She also has worked cow but is not a tough cow dog. She will walk up and hit heads cleanly. she will hit a charging sheep but cleanly but is not a gripper. Peg is at the PN level. Her hips were x-rayed and the vet said they were good. Her eyes were clear when she came over to the USA and I had them CERF and she was fine

No loud handler need apply. She will run over a green Novice handler. A Novice handler who has dog handler experience would be fine. She just turned 4 yr in the summer.

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