Friday, November 30, 2007

Update on DeltaBluez Jet

.......a report from Jamie....Jet's new owner in Las Vegas.....

>>>Wanted to give you the latest Jet-update. Took her out to work my dogs today, was in between works and had my ultra sweet puppy sheep in the arena so, being totally reckless, I said "what the heck". Jet followed me into the arena, made a few baby steps towards the sheep and then BANG! off like a....rocket jet. She was serious too, tail down, flanking around the sheep and it's a good size arena but she kept up and didn't give up or get tired for a good three minutes. When she got them to a fence, she held them against with her eye and lay down on perfect balance. That was all too good to be true so I grabbed her as soon as I could catch her :). NICE puppy! Of course, I had to catch her by the tail and she hollered bloody murder when I worked the other dogs but I was really thrilled with that. I only expected her to take some baby steps and maybe a little chasing but she was working sheep like an old hand :).


Way to go, Jamie and Jet....sounds like a match made in heaveon


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