Saturday, November 10, 2007

"Pups and Ponds"

"Pups and Ponds"

Today was the big day. Pups got to out with the *big dogs * and away we went. Audrey, Kathleen and I took the dogs, Peg, Dan, Duncan, Emma, Jackie, Nan, Faye, Sava and the three pups to the upper pasture which has two ponds. We tossed a large Jolly ball into the pond and Faye, Dan, Sava and Peg went after the ball while Emma and Duncan did the semi swims. Nan was content to run about and bark and bounce up and down like a Kangaroo. Jade decided that hanging near the people was a great idea and soon she was passed around and cuddled while trying to kiss your face. Jett and Joss were finding twigs to play with and keeping themselves amused. Soon all three pups were dashing behind the big dogs. Imagine a swirl of multi colored Border Collies dashing around ponds, Reds, Whites, Blacks and Tris....a real melting pot

Time passed quickly and it began to get dark so we all called it a day.....we opened the gate to bring everyone back to the barn and the dogs and pups ran through the gauntlet of 40 or so ducks as well as the dozen chicken. I had put Vulken away in her own private stall so her chicks could grow up more. The ducks barely moved out of the way. everyone then raced to the barn.....dogs, ducks and chickens.

We get back to the barn and soon we had dogs, pups, ducks and chickens all waiting for their nightly feeding of bread......we rounded up the dogs and pups and put them away and gave them their dinner and then fed the ducks and chickens. Then, of course, we had to give some bread to the dogs who were waiting at the front of their kennels.....after all, who can say *NO* to wee black noses pressed through the wire and wildly wagging tails at the other end?

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