Monday, November 12, 2007



...well, all journeys must end and so does this one....Jet will be winging her way home to Jamie on Thursday and Joss will go later this week. Jade will be here to be spoiled and someday be a working dog.

Took the pups a walk today and they scampered about, not realizing in a few days that playing together as a family would soon end and each would have a new family that would cherish them as much and I have and you, fair readers of this pups saga......the ducks and chickens and pups all shared the bread once again and after the meal, the pups and I went to the upper pasture. The pups grabbed a stick and soon it was a puppy fight to the death, or until Joss ran off with the stick in his mouth at full speed with his sister on his tail. Jade then rolled Joss and much puppy snarking was heard and then the three pups ran full blast, glancing at each other and then *SPLASH* they went over the creek bank and into the little creek. Joss howled like he was melting, Jet ran off and Jade ran up the other side and then realized she was on the wrong side and then ran to the edge and then......JUMPED....well, this would be fine and dandy if her Jump was a 2 foot jump but for a fat 8 week-old puppy her actual jump was, maybe 6 inches and *SPLASH* she fell in the water.....she plowed through the water and shook her self off and saw me...."look, I am a big girl now" and then ran off to attack her siblings.

Some of their personalities are coming out now....Joss, the chatterbox and demanding to be picked up pup.....Jet, the fearless one and cute as a button one and Jade, the tough cookie who loves to be held and kissed.....

I am going to miss these little fat monsters but will update when I can....

Signing off from Puppy Central.....and we enjoyed telling you the stories of Jess, Jet and Jade.




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