Friday, November 16, 2007

" Jet lands in Vegas with a huge roar"

" Jet lands in Vegas with a huge roar"

Yep, Jet (not the airplane kind) landed last night in Vegas and went home with her new owner, Jamie. She rode on her lap the entire way home and then today went to work with her. Apparently, Jet is having a blast wrapping everyone around her finger, eh, I guess that would be work. Jamie will have her hands full with this bold and forward pup.

Jade and Joss don't seem to miss their little sister, Jet. Joss will be going home on Sunday and Jade will share her kennel with her mom, Peg.

Jade, Joss and Peg got kongs filled with treat this afternoon. The pups grabbed theirs and ran off to a separate corner. I stuffed them and they were busy working away.

The other dogs got their kongs too....Jackie kept tossing hers in the air to bounce out her treats. Nan took her to her bed and wrapped her paws around it. Faye grabbed two in her mouth (that was a sight to see) and went to her Dog Igloo with hers. The boys, well, they were boys, grabbed theirs and ran to their beds. Sava loves her kongs....she is really fun to watch...she is like a kid at Xmas......well she is a puppy, almost 7 months or so. She is a riot.

Of course the ducks had to see what the dogs were all interested in...perhaps they could get in on the action but they were sadly disappointed when no bread was involved. Soon they wandered off.

So, Jet has landed in Vegas and will be making a splash there. "Jamie and Jet", doesn't that have a nice ring to that?


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