Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tess and the eight squirms

Tess and the eight squirms

So Tess had her pups, one day ahead of her due date, which is good considering how HUGE she was....her belly was about dragging the ground and she was as wide as she was long. On Nov 10, 2007 (the day before my brother Nelson's Birthday, Tess went into labor about 1:00 in the afternoon. She kept pushing pups out until 8:30 that night, the first few were fast then she spaced them out about a hour apart. She had SEVEN and yes, she had SEVEN males and ONE female. She had her personal attendant, Vet Audrey, Vet Tech Monique, Support Staff Kathleen and Diane. We had hope for four females and four males but that was not to be. Several people wanted females so they backed out of the puppy deal.

All the pups were in great shape and most of them took after Scott in the marking, big and bold white splashes, full collars. One even had a full white head. They all got *puppy call names" by the gang who all worked that weekend trimming hooves. We trimmed over 70 sheep and the *hoof trimming gang" was Nancy, Courtney, Terri (first time and she is a trooper), Chuck, Kathleen, Monique, Audrey and me. So well all got a pup to give a *call name*.

The pups and their *call names* are on: http://deltabluez.com/tesspups.html

As the fat pups grow, we will update you. So far, Tess is doing well and loves getting the extra attention as well as all the food she can eat. She especially loves the last bit of ice cream each night.

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