Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"DeltaBluez Jackie"

"DeltaBluez Jackie"

So as I said before, I will post a blog on the DeltaBluez dogs, so the dog for the day is "Jackie"

Jackie is out of "DeltaBluez Tess" and by "Alta Pete Pleat" ...she is 2.5 years old. she is red and white...lost of white with huge red patches, red face/ears and medium coat. her face is like Pleat, a bit coarse and not refined like her mother. she is her daddy's girl in so many ways...personality, pushy and sometimes just wacky. But she is a very loving dog.

She ran at the Nationals under Scott, tied for 4th on the first day but placed 5th based on outwork and placed 20th overall. On the first day, she ran like a dream and the second, well, she didn't run as well.

I got her back in November and been doing chores with her. she has a lot of push and is not afraid to work the tough ewes or ram...she will not hesitate for a low heel nip, if needed. I got her to listen to down...that was fun!! she didn't want to down but she learned that was far better than not downing. She has fantastic flanks but misses some occasionally. at this point, she is still very immature and will need to do chores to season herself up. So she has been designated the chores dog since Tess is nursing pups. Put sheep in stall to get hooves trimmed, hold sheep to a corner to check a lame ewe, sort sheep for lesson, move the calf to another field and so forth....each day, she is getting better and better and hopefully by end of winter she will be more rounded.

I like how she works (HARD) and doesn't give for all dogs, she has a few holes but we are working on closing them up. I am not going to run her in PN until she is good and ready with me....she was good and ready with Scott but I am a far cry from him!! will take some pixs soon and post them...but here is her website

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