Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well, Thanksgiving is all done and over...we had Mom and Nelson the brother come over. we had smoked Turkey and the traditional food...we are so stuffed. The house dogs, Tess, Nan and Shiro are quite happy too. They got extra goodies and they think they hit the mother lode. The other dogs also got turkey too. All of the animals got extra goodies, bread, grain and extra alfalfa.

It was a bright sunny day and you could go outside with just a sweater and not be cold. So Mom, Nelson and I took a stroll down to the barn, flanked by Tess and Nan. Shiro was up at the house, supervising Jeff on the turkey preparation. We were swarmed by the chickens and ducks and they soon were fed extra bread by my mom. Imagine 40 pus ducks and about 10 chickens.

It was nice to see my Mom having fun feeding the animals. I am sure she wanted a proper Japanese daughter but instead got a farmer daughter....maybe I was switched at birth? But nevertheless, Mom is happy and I am truly blessed to have a wonderful Mom, a great brother, Nelson and caring husband, Jeff.

Not much else in the news department, we just had a wonderful Thanksgiving and we hope you did too!!

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