Tuesday, April 17, 2012

When Ducks Attack!!

So a week or so ago, I got back from Oklahoma City where I went there for training for work. I had a weekend stay  and got to visit Susan Abrams, Bonnie Daley, Bob Brown and Angie Coker-Sells. It was a great day and will be the subject off my blog for the next few days.

While I was at Susan's farm, I saw first hand, in real life,  the Horror B-Grade Movie, "When Ducks Attack"

It was horrifying and I barely escaped with my life. But I managed to get  photos with my small camera. Not my big, fancy one so the photos are not the best.

Ever see the "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes?". Well, this was the same type but in duck form. Luckily these were mini ducks so I was able to outrun them in my weakened state. Susan, very cleverly, hid behind me. When the ducks figured out that I was not zombie bait, they turned on each other.

These two bad boys.

It was a fight to the death. Or so, it seemed.

But then I woke up from this nightmare and realized they were not killer ducks. They were fighting for some affections of some sweet gal ducks.

But the girl ducks were not remotely impressed. In fact, they were bored. By the time the boys got done flexing their muscles, the gals had wandered off to eat some dinner. Such a sad state of affairs, when the object of your affection, doesn't acknowledge your valor.

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