Friday, April 6, 2012

Sheep Bells

I would like  to order a few of these cowbells for my sheep. I have a leased pasture that my sheep can hide in. This will  help me figure out where the sheep are on the fetch since I can't see my sheep due to the tall grass. I am sure the two ewes that I will pick to be the bell-wearers will be more than happy with their new bells!


They have a lot of different styles and sizes. I might get some bell for the LGD. It's an American company so support them.


Jenny Glen said...

I have a sheep bell for my deaf dog. He wears it when we are traveling and have gone for a walk. That way I can find him and don't have to panic if I can't see him. I copied the idea from Alison Holmes.

Karen said...

I put one of those same cow bells, about a 3" model, on my lead ewe once. The other sheep were scared of it, so started to run. The lead ewe ran after them to catch up, and of course the rest ran faster. Had to go and get that bell off, before they all dropped dead of exhaustion:)