Monday, April 16, 2012

Day Three home

Well, they say it gets worse before it gets better. Today was the worse part. I slept most of the day and I would roil over on my left shoulder and then wake up in pain. I out pillows around me to stop me from rolling but that must have only worked, like zero times, since I woke up and the pillows were scattered all over.

The bruising has gotten a lot bigger as you can see below. It is very sore and any movement creates pain. It's quite colorful too. In a few days, the swelling will go down. The left arm/shoulder hurts to move but I am moving it some so that is doesn't freeze up and become a frozen shoulder. I make sure I don't lift anything heavy or move it above my shoulder height. I am getting better at paying more attention to this.

The lower back still has been an issue. It has a huge knot still and hopefully soon, it will go away.  I was not expecting that to be an issue. I've been putting pain cream on it and it helps a lot.

I have been sleeping a lot which has helped in healing. Today I got up, ate, had coffee, played on the computer then went down for a nap at noon and got up in the evening. I guess I was really tired. Tess snuggled next to me all day. Rainey and Maid flanked on each side of me while Nan was at my feet. I was surrounded by a sea of black and white.

Wayne came over and did the nightly feeding. He has it down pat. The sheep adore him now and he also uses Sava to sort the sheep for his dog, Merlin. I watched the last part of Merlin's session and he kept the sheep in a tight bunch and they ended on a good note.

Not much new to report and the blog will sort of go back on track and I will update the progress a couple of times about my recovery. I still have a ton of photos to process so will be doing that.  I am glad the surgeries are down and over with and all I have to do now, is heal.

Well, dinner is being served soon so I best be going.


Monique said...

Glad you are healing up. Looking forward to you feeling much better!

gvmama said...

Wayne who NEVER bruises, bruised up just like you when they put his ICD in. He was pretty colorful for quite awhile. Glad all went well for you :0)