Monday, April 9, 2012

Finally Home

I was in Oklahoma City for almost two weeks and just got back this weekend. I am trying to play catch-up and woefully behind. It's nice to be home and that old saying of "No place like home" is so very true.

I will have to finish the Heppner photos as well as the photos I took when I was in OKC. In case, you were wondering, it was work and not a vacation. I did eat quite well and gained four pounds while I was there. My jeans got tighter! No worry, as I will eat normally and exercise to get it off. In OKC, the food is very rich and delicious and the beers were $1.00 a bottle so needless to say, I might have had a few!

The farm was fine when I got home. Wayne, Diane the Vet, Audrey and Janet took care of the dogs and sheep feeding in the evening while Getty did the morning feeding and misc chores. We had one lamb born when Wayne was at the farm so he got to name him and his name is "Banjo"

More tomorrow as I am still recovering from the trip. Friday was a 20 hour day and with my heart all messed up, it wore me out. The girls did miss me, although Maid adored Getty as he used her for chores. Rainey has been super clingy and sleeps in my arms at night. The good part about her is she really  matured since I was gone and got more push.

Off to feed the sheep and play with the dogs.

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