Saturday, April 21, 2012

An afternoon delight in Oklahoma

After we left Angie'Susan, Bonnie and I went to Pops. Pops is on Highway 66 and has the largest selection of soda pop in the world. The last time, I was there I got a six pack of root beer and was in heaven. This time, I got a bottle opener for Getty that he will use with joy. (So, I hope!)
Pops is a very popular place and very busy. Here is a row of beautiful bikes, all lined up in a nice row. Check out the sunshine and it was 80 was sheer bliss!

Then we went back to Susan and John's farm. I was tired so took a nap. After my nap, I wandered about and just enjoyed being on a farm. Here is Susan collecting eggs. Her dog, Kacee is the rider.

Fresh eggs.

Her hair sheep are nice and square. The sire is a white Dorper and he was a hunk. I really like seeing some high, quality hair sheep. They haven't missed a meal, either.

Not only Susan teaches herding, she also teaches her ewe and lamb to do some sheep dressage. See how they are in unison!

And of course, each sheep farm must have a LGD or two.

Kacee is a very nice dog, Handles the sheep with ease and confident. She is very well bred too.

A rock collection display.

The sign that greets you when you enter. Thanks to Susan, John and Bonnie for taking me on an adventure. She has a very lovely farm and it is a piece of heaven in Oklahoma!

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