Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Crabtown Dinner in Oklahoma

On a Friday night, my work buddies and I went to dinner. I whined and whined, until they broke down and went to the restaurant that I wanted to go to since I had heart they had boiled crawfish. The restaurant was "CrabTown" and was in bricktown area in Oklahoma City. Of course, before dinner, I went shopping at BassTown and got some cool shirts and sheep PJs!

I ordered two pounds of crawfish for dinner. And a beer. And an crabcake appetizer. And gumbo soup. And then had hot rolls and butter. Then I wondered why, I felt so full. So I ordered another beer.

Marty (Chicago FAA) and having a blast. He hung out with us over the two weeks and he is a real hoot. I knew he was a good guy when he mention he had horses and used to ride.

Cool wall art.

More cool wall art.

Everyone had a good time, even the ones who weren't keen at first. We got kinda rowdy and entertained everyone around us. See, Gov't workers can have a good time and not be stick-in-the-muds!

My dinner. I ordered two of these and it was great. I just had to wash them down with beer. Then I sent a pix of this to my poor husband at home to let him know what he was missing. I am sure he was more than thrilled to get that pix! Everyone was happy and it was a great dinner. The food in Oklahoma City is great. I enjoy eating out and end up going home, weighing a few pounds more than I arrived.

I recommend going to CrabTown. The food is great, service is fast and beer is cold.

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