Thursday, April 19, 2012

Byron Berline - one great concert

Susan and Bonnie took me to a Bluegrass Concert in Guthrie, Oklahoma. We walked around the streets of Guthrie before the concert and at the music hall entry was this Fiddle Shop. Very quaint and nice. Turns out it is owned by Byron Berline who was the feature of the concert.

The concert was a blast. The best bluegrass that I ever heard and the first bluegrass concert that I ever went to. I have heard lots of bluegrass and this was by far, the best.  I was clapping to the beat and just had a wonderful time.

During the break, Byron wandered about and chatted with everyone. He is a quiet, unassuming man and just a pleasure to met. You would never know who he was as he was had no ego and was just like one of the regular folks. I recommend going to one of his concerts. It was low key, small and a five star time!

Susan, Byron and me. Since I am not shy, I asked if we could get our photo with him and he agreed. He is a five star gentleman.

One of his many awards he had hanging up.

I was amazed at how much he has done. A great guy.

The sign at his Fiddle Shop.

The window to his shop. Very cute fiddle type of items.

Aren't these the cutest, ever!

This one was my favorite!

His show schedule.

They did a song to the Monkees. it was fantastic.

To go to Byron's wonderful Fiddle Shop click on DOUBLESTOP

To buy one of his wonderful CDs, click here MUSIC

To read more about Byron, click here BYRON

Soon, it was time to go home. It was a fun concert and thanks to Susan and Bonnie for taking me there. Susan and Bonnie are just great people and the salt of the earth. I am very happy that they included me in their lives.

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