Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday progress

Well, I am sure glad today was warm and sunny. It sure felt nice sitting in the sun, soaking up the warmth. Last night, I had a very hard time sleeping as my lower back was cramping up and I was in pain. Nothing, I did, seemed to work. Hot tea, warm blanket, snuggling with a dog, nothing…I tossed and turned all night. I rolled over several times in the night on my left shoulder which caused me to wake up quickly and in pain. I took my pills but they didn’t seem to help. It was not a good way to start the day when the alarm went off.

Getty had to go to work so he wanted someone to *babysit* me since I felt so bad the day before. In case, I had to go to ER, he wanted a person here. I asked Wayne if he could be my babysitter and he came out at 10:00. That was very nice of him to come out and he helped me with chores. More like, he did chores while I puttered about. I sat in the sun and drank coffee and had toast and then I felt better. I watched Wayne work Merlin and see some good work by Merlin. Wayne is getting the positioning and pressure on and off. It’s slowly coming along and they will get there. I had Wayne use Sava to sort the sheep and he quickly figured out when she was cheating on him. She only did that once and she learned that he was on to her.

During the babysitting session, I got tired so wandered to the trailer which is next to the barn and took a nap around noonish. That helped a lot and my batteries really got recharged. I got a new camera, a Canon 7D and it is heavy and since I can’t use my left arm, Wayne got to try it. He took lots of cool pixs so I will post them tomorrow.
My shoulder and lower back hurt off and on all day. I expect this to be this way for a few weeks. I can also feel the two incisions in my legs as they really ache. Matter of fact, my whole body ached. Eventually this will all heal and life will be good again. I took my pain pills and they took the edge off the pain but did not get rid of the pain.

It was very kind of Wayne to come over and do chores for me and babysit me. He was ready to run me to ER if needed but luckily my lower back spasms were not as bad as they were on Saturday. They hurt but it was a deep throbbing type of pain. I had to make sure that I didn’t use my left arm. That is close to impossible as you use both of your arms all the time. Maybe next time, I am in the barn, I will tie a piece of baling twine to my left arm so I can’t use it.

Diane Mitchell (Vet) and her son, Jono came over and worked dog. She took a peek at Tess and so far, she is looking good. She will take Tess back on Wed for more bloodwork. Wayne and Diane are taking over the feeding night chores for me this week so I don’t have to worry about that. All I have to do is heal and relax. The sooner, I heal, the sooner, I can get back to normal.

My mom, Nelson (brother) and Jim came over at oneish to make me lunch. Wayne had lunch as he had no choice, I told him he had to eat since he was helping me. Of course, he is no fool and did not turn down a chance for Japanese food. My mom made homemade Gyoza, special rice, salad, lotus root and other goodies. Nelson made a home made plum pie and Jim brought smoked black cod. I ate about half of what I normally would eat but I did eat all I put on my plate. My appetite is not back to normal but at least, I am not nauseated when I eat. After we ate, we had to do the traditional walk to the barn to feed. Mom brought bread so she feed the chickens and sheep. Tess managed to get her quota of several pieces of bread. Rainey was profited by sticking close to mom and getting her several pieces of bread. The girls know to hang next to my mom as she will load them up with goodies. Then they work their way over to see my brother as he fusses over them and treats them. They are no fools and I let them get spoiled rotten, since I am getting spoiled by my mom too.

Everyone left after lunch and I soon passed out on the couch for a much needed nap. Apparently I was so tired and in such a deep sleep, that I didn’t hear Getty come home. I did wake up to see that Tess had hogged most of my pillow. I hope that tonight that I will get some more sleep as I am still tired.

I did note that dark circles under my eyes are gone and I don’t get tired when I walk up from the barn. Also when I wake up I am not super fatigued and my fingers are not cold. Little things like that mean a lot. Tomorrow will be another day and I hope the healing process keeps going on a good path. Will keep you posted.

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