Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Angie Coker-Sells in Oklahoma

Susan and Bonnie were kind enough to haul me around all day on Saturday and I really appreciate it. Their heart is as big as Oklahoma and they show the true kind spirit that we all should strive to have. Each time I am in OKC for an extended stay, they are my tour guides. It's amazing how much history that Oklahoma plays in forming our heritage. I remember reading "Grapes of Wrath" in which all Oklahoma was a dust bowl and how everyone fled. It sure isn't that way today. It is rich in history and overflowing with kindness. I truly enjoy learning about Oklahoma at each visit and hope to further my education with each visit.

So they picked me up on Saturday (March 31) and the first place was Angie Coker-Sells. Angie has a gorgeous ranch that is lush green and you drink of it's richness. This is the corral at Angie's where she has her training sheep. She was kind enough to accommodate us and her quick smile made me feel at home. Spanky is her pet. He was dropped off and she took him in. She has a soft spot for strays and takes them in and gives them a home for life. Here, you can see Spanky doing his imitation of "lie down". He is quite a character and really enjoyed assisting Angie with the dog training.

This is Joyce (?)...she was there for the day for training. She was funny and had us laughing!

The infamous Bob Brown. Bob won one of the caption contests that I held. He loves his dog, Belle (sp?) and ran her through a PN course and handled her well. He is a very nice southern type of guy, opens doors, polite and all that good stuff.

And of course, we can't forget Angie. She is very kind and a a nice lady. She truly loves her dogs and you can see how kind she is to them when she trains them. I really enjoyed the stay at her place and thank her for letting us be there on Saturday. Since I was in OKC for work training, I was dying for a Border Collie fix and definitely got it. Plus her sheep were lambing and it was sweet to see fat, bouncing babies running about. Thanks again, Angie! You rock!!!

Bonnie Daley and her upcoming partner, Teek.

One must not forget the dog on the back of the Quad. Again, a stray that Angie got from Colorado. He is quite happy to be Angie's dog!

Bonnie and Susan, my gracious guides. I can't say enough wonderful things about these two fine ladies as the list would be quite long but I will tell you that are people that you want in your lives. Good people, just what God wants us to be like.

The view as we drove off......a sea of green and yellow!

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Kelpie and Collie said...

How nice Diane! Nice respite from work, and from your description- Angie is clearly one of the salt of the earth good gals!