Tuesday, April 24, 2012

An Evening in Guthrie Oklahoma

After we spent the afternoon  at Susan and John Abrams great farm, we ventured out to dinner and then to the Byron Berline concert. First stop was dinner at this local restaurant in Guthrie. I can't remember the name and maybe Susan or Bonnie, can help me with that.

Love the brick and just down-to-home type of place. 

Susan and John Abrams. John is a famous horse judge and was judging a mini and mule show. He is very knowledgeable I learned a lot about mini horses at dinner. Thanks to Susan and John for buying me dinner. Bonnie was also at dinner and she regaled me with Border Collie stories.

We were entertained by a local woman and her band. She was fantastic. I will have to find her info and post it. She played bluegrass and the whole was enthralled by her talents.

I ordered pulled pork and onion rings. I was expecting a small platter. It was huge and they way they cooked the onions was tasty. I ate so much that my sides hurt. The food was great!

After dinner and before the concert, we toured around the tour. It has old brick buildings and that very beautiful. Check out the detail on the towers. Guthrie was the State Capitol before it was moved to Oklahoma City.

Some more beautiful buildings. Susan was a great historian on Oklahoma and it was one of the best history lessons that I ever had. I never knew that Oklahoma was so rich in our history. Every time I visit Oklahoma, I have  a deeper respect for the state and how is helped shape our past. 

Again thanks to Susan and Bonnie for being such wonderful tour guides. for Susan and John Abrams for inviting me to their lovely farm. I am so honored to have you folks as part of my friends. 

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