Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Off to the groomers

Today was the day that Kodiak and Scott went to the groomers. Kodi since he liked to roll in cow poop and part of his fur was very matted. Scott went since his new coat was growing in. About 2 months ago, we discovered Scott was low on his thyroid and he got put on med. His coat was dry.

So today, Lori and Lisa came by and got Kodi and Scott. I was told by my Dr to take it easy so Lori and Lisa came to load up the dogs. Last time, I loaded Kodi I had to lift all 150 plus pounds of him into my truck and it was tough.

Then as I was explaining all of this to Lisa and Lori, Kodi just HOPPED into their SUV. No lifting just being perfect. Yep, Kodi, make me look like a fool!! Good move. I kept my mouth shut about sense in putting the other foot in it!!

Scotty, of course hopped in like a trooper. I am sure he thought he was going to work sheep or cows as that is the only time he goes in a SUV, aside from the vet visits.

Guess what, no sheep or cow for Scott...but a great grooming. Lisa got his hindquarter matts off and had him all polished up looking quite nice. Got rid of his old coat so his new coat would come in better.

Apparently both dogs behaved themselves quite well. Kodi got his long dewclaws trimmed as well as his nails, all brushed out and all the matts gone and he was shiny, stunning white. He was gorgeous!! I hardly recognized him. His report card from Lisa was that he was a good boy when she really had to work his matts out. He was sheared in March but it was quick and not very good and since then he got huge matts on his legs and so forth. I am sure he was a real challenge for Lisa. He really needed it. I have had my dogs groomed before and by far, this was the best I have ever seen!!

Kodi before the grooming

Mr Handsome after the groming

Lisa brought the dogs home and Scott promptly jumped into the pond to swim after the ducks and ignored Lisa. After we turned Kodi loose, he ran into the pond. Goofy dogs, all that time Lisa spent on them and they have the audacity to jump into the pond within seconds of getting home

But that ok, as they both came out of the pond, a bit wet but you could see how great of a job she did. Maybe I can sign myself up to groom long hair gets knotted up too!!

I am very thankful and appreciative of the stellar job she did. Not only did she bath, groom, de-matt, blow- dry, trim, combing, clipping she also loves dogs. I think she spoiled them while they were there.

In case, you want to get in touch with Lisa this is her website. I highly recommend her and some of the other dogs will be visiting her shortly.

In addition to dog grooming, she can prep/photo/full groom/flyers your horse for sale. She can also do a youtube clip. I am going to have her do Morgana, my Arabian since I need to sell her. Also horse and dog boarding.

Lisa also has very nice Aussies. They have been out to the farm to work sheep. They are solid, well built dogs and are very sweet.

Lisa's website!!

The dogs are happy and stunning with their new grooming jobs and Lisa is a Godsend!! Thanks Lisa for the great grooming!!

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