Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Turn Around....

July 30, 2008

This was a good day. In the middle of the night around 2ish, (which seems to be the standard time since I have been home), I woke up with a little pain. I have been taking 1 Perco but in the last few days trying to only take .5 pill. I took the .5 and went back to sleep. At 6ish, I woke up with a little but bearable pain) and my one lung seemed clogged. So I lay down and took a bunch of slow deep breathes and it worked its’ self out, Then my lungs were clear and I able to take deep breathes. It has stayed that way all day and I have not felt short of breathe all day. That is great. I am still not able do deep puffs on the Air Puffer though (sigh). All times during the day I have been taking deep breathe and holding it and it is not painful.

My dear friends, Nancy and Courtney came over to visit. Courtney made a home made crossword puzzle and word gram for me. That was so sweet of her and she put some time into it. They also brought some homemade banana bread and apple strudel bread. Then they went to work dogs, Logan and Jack – their dogs and two of my dogs. They also brought bread for the sheep. Nancy and Courtney are two of my students who also ended up being my dear friends.

Most of my students now that have come here close to two years have turned into good friends. They are all caring people and I am blessed to have such good friends. They are a great support group now for this surgery and I really appreciate them.

My mom came over today. She was worried since I had slept most of yesterday. I felt great today and it was 180 degrees from yesterday. She made me a delicious lunch. Japanese pancake with mushrooms and squid, vinegar cukes, string beans, and crab. I ate a HUGE PLATE and am stuffed. My appetite has picked up considerably and today I have been eating every 1.5 or so. I have not taken a nap as of 3:00 p.m. I do feel a little tired since this was a full day but not too tired to sleep yet. I will take a short nap later, I think.

As you all know, Tess has been protective of me. There was someone at the door earlier and she leaped off the couch to the door. We didn’t know who it was until her whole hind end of her body went in huge wags….she was wagging her body for all it was worth. At that point, I knew it was my mom.
It was my mom and I was abandoned by Tess. Since my mom has been here, Tess has been next to mom. I guess I am chopped liver now.

My brother called in the afternoon and he came over at dinner time. Deb and Nelson made more tacos. Last night, Nan jumped on the table and spilled the taco meat. So we had to make a new batch today.

Nelson also brought over plums and rice protein mix. Yesterday, I had fallen asleep right I drank a full glass. Turns out I am dairy intolerant. So when I drank it, my tummy felt full and hurt so I feel into a deep night. That explains why I had a weird afternoon yesterday.

So Nelson gave me the rice protein and that should fix me. I am glad we figured it out. Nelson brought me some sweet, juicy plums from his garden. I ate one and it was so juicy and tasty

Deb, Nelson and I took our walk to the barn. He caught Kodi and put him away. We checked out the critters and came back to the house. We took a short break at the barn and went back to the house. He kept his hand underneath me for support. That was very tiring, He left after making sure I was ok, He is a cool and caring brother.

Overall, I felt really good today. I had an appetite, was full of energy and alert. I am on the turn around now. Not to mention, Tess has been lax in her duties by my side so I know I am on the mend.

Again, I am very thankful for my support friend…all of you have been wonderful and helpful over this. Not to mention, the great Doctors who took care of me so I can be a whole person again.

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