Sunday, July 6, 2008

DeltaBluez Jade

Jade is a rough coat tri female puppy. Her sire is Tait and dam is Imp Peg. She is a real pistol and keeps you on your toes. She is a very tough pup and takes no prisoners. Tait is a smooth coat tri male and MINUS-10 on the good looks scale. However, he is one of the top Cowdogs in the USA. I got his from Scott Glen and ran him in sheep and cowdog trials. He can move anything and is very brave.

Peg is from the UK...brought over by Merion Jones. She ran in the Nurseries and did well. She is a very go-forward type of dog and has worked cattle and sheep. She has a lots of push and doesn't back down. So I bred Tait and Peg wanting a go-forward type of dog.

There were three pups in the litter. One went to Ron Green and one to Jamie Green. (not related) Both are very happy with their dogs. Jade was raised and got her puppy manners by Kathleen. She took her everywhere and got her socialized. She got her a good start in the round pen on sheep too. Kathleen did a wonderful job in puppy raising Jade. She is her God-mother!!

I have been working with Jade. She will take a mile if you let her and is fearless. Her flanks are nice and square (thanks Kathleen!!) and he rates her stock very well. She might not be the most biddable pup but I want a go-forward type of pup and that is what I got.

I really like Jade...she is a very sweet pup with a huge heart and tons of push. She still is a baby so she is just growing up and getting more manners and learning some basic sheep work. She is very talented on stock and I expect her to go far.

Short clip of Jade on sheep with Kathleen (July 2008)

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