Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Watched over by Tess

Last night was a weird night for sleeping. I woke up and hurt at 2, so I took a ½ pain pill and then back to sleep. At 6, I woke up and felt funny and had realized that I had gotten stuck in the couch. I tried to wiggle myself free but couldn’t so I paged Jeff. He came out and reset me so I could sleep better. I took another ½ pill and was lying on my back on the couch. Tess slowly sneaked up and laid fully stretched out next to me on the couch, her muzzle next to my head and her paw on my hand. She then gently licked me on my face and then I fell asleep. I remember at one point she stood over me and sniffed my head, neck, shoulders and chest and then climbed off. She let me know the worse was over, Nan came into the room and lay on the floor next to me. Tess went to the other side of the room and slept.

About 8ish, I heard Tess and Nan growled and woke up and looked at them. Both of them were halfway up and their hackles at full mast. Then they settled down once they realized it was Deb coming up the stairs.

I ate well at breakfast, some cream of wheat. Deb went and got me some coffee cake from Starbucks and I had a thin slice. I did my walk abouts and about noonish had a Carnation Instant Breakfast drink with protein with milk and it was a large glass. I was feeling tired and took a nap. I think the drink was a bunch for me and my body needed some time to digest it. I slept hard and fast. It was hot and humid and it rained today.

Later in the afternoon, I woke up and felt much better. I was able to walk out on my deck and see Chuck cut down a tree. I wandered around the house and petted the dogs.

I had a much better appetite at dinner tonight and ate two tacos. Not much to write now but feeling better each day.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Diane. I felt called to come see you yesterday. Deb and a friend were there, and it was good to see them. Your energy is looking much better. I know you don't remember me there... as you were sleeping most of the time I was there, which was great. Keep grounded, and let things knit together.

You are so loved.