Saturday, July 12, 2008

It was about a yr ago when I went to Wales for work. Then after a week of very intensive work, I took some vacation and went to Scotland to visit some dear friends of mine. ( Angie and Kelvin) They took great care of me and I had a blast. I will post a blog on that wonderful adventure later.

I came home with two puppies. They were picked up for and cared by Angie until I went home.

I named them Sava and Coll. Coll just recently went to a great home.

Sava and Coll in the creekbed at Angie and Kelvin place.

Sava.....aren't I cute?

Let me look for sheep

Her sire is Aled Owen's Roy. Roy just won the International last year. (Reg. No 266416). Roy's sire is Bob. (Reg. no. 224454)

Her dam is Dot. Dot is a daughter of the other Roy. (Reg. no. 200199).

As you can tell, they are heavily bred Aled Owen lines.

Dot (dam)

I am keeping Sava. She has turned out to be a nice dog. Very full of herself and lots of push. But biddable but will push if she can get away with it. Nothing fazes her.

Sava is a nice working dog with lots of push. we got her down and square her flanks. She is willing to work with the handler but if you are weak, better work another dog!! She has a lot of talent and great balance. we love her stock sense and how well adapts to each new changing scenario

She turned a year old in April and I remember when she was a fat squirming pup. Now she is a lean machine.

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