Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Where's the BEEF!!

Tess has several pups that work cattle. One even ran at the USBCHA Cowdog Nursery Finals. One works on one of the largest cattle operation in eastern Washington. Another one works on a small cattle operation.

Coming in from the marsh across the bridge

So it is only naturally that Tess decided to do some cattle work. (At the age of 10, or almost ten) Last yr she worked the dog-broke calf and really enjoyed it. She would do heel or some head grips and great air snaps.

She just heeled the calf to make it trot

I gave her redirect and she took it. Notice she is using her tail as a rudder to turn. You can't see it but she was ready to grip the calf.

The calves that I have this year are not easy to work. They will turn and squash a dog rather quickly. Tess has not gotten squashed but she loves to get their respect. She doesn't do stupid gripping but places herself so the cattle will move off her.

Turned her head to avoid a possible kick

She will never be a top Open cow dog but she gets the job done. At her age, she will be just working the cattle on the farm. She reads the stock and knows where to be. I had her go out to the marsh and bring the 2 calves in.....

Turning the calf. You will see she is very determined.

Another redirect to turn the calf the other way.

Photographer is Wayne Seward,. Wayne will be coming out here for herding lesson with his dog. Thanks Wayne for the pixs!!

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Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

Way to go Tess! I wanna be a cow dog, too.

Wags and sniffs,