Friday, July 25, 2008

Another Day, another dog!!

Tess was so happy to see me when I came home…..she did the butt wiggle dance. She was very cautious near me and made sure she was not on my chest but laid off to my side and put her head in my lap. She keeps staring at my face and licking me and giving the heavy Border Collie sighs….

But obviously I must have turned the tide in her eyes as she is now devoted to my Mom. Tess shadows her every step and some times even get to take her outside and toss the ball for a few hours.

I do manage to get Tess to cuddle next to me at night. And she will slide up next to me for a bit but you can see her ears swirls around to see where “Grandma” was in the house. Grandma makes sure is the “food taste control dog” and gives her pieces of food all the time. You never know, someone might try to slip me a poisoned meal!!

She looks well fed from the extra food but don’t worry, we have adjusted her dinner to reflect that.

Nana wants to be Grandma’s best friend but Tess glares at her and makes sure that Nan is not to close to her Grandma. Tess is no doubt going to have some major Grandma withdrawals on Sunday. Grandma will be going home for a bit.

As for me, I am doing much better now. I only woke up once last night and had to take a pain pill. The first two nights I woke several times and had a hard time sleeping. I slept on the couch last night and it was great. We believe the lack of sleep was due to the bed.

One of the many goals was to drop my water weight from 135 to 118 lbs. I am at about 123 right now and the progress is good.

My Blood pressure and heart rate are still good. A real bonus is that my heart has not gone into the arrhythmia or flutter state.

Mom has been cooking delicious meals for me. I just gobble up her food. I love her cooking…I wish I was as good as a chef as she is.

So, each day I have to go for 4 walks, each day it increases one minute. The first night I was home, I had a hard time and my mom had to be backup next to me (Mom grabbing my elbow or back) Today I was able to cruse for my walks at a brisk rate and my chest doesn’t hurt as much.

We had to go back to Dr Austin for a check-up after the operation and he was pleased with what I have done so far. There is a little water in my left lung and we hope it will be re-absorbed. I am losing the weight he wants me too, the walks are good and I am keeping my air flow 1000-1500. Each day it is easier to blow in it. Jeff was the driver while I took a nap. He even got me a Almond Latte Breve- Decaf while I waiting for the Dr appointment

My grass hay arrived today and I got about 370 or so bales….it was cut from a local field. George Magnoci, a local dairy farmer took on the task of cutting/baling/stacking my hay. That took a huge load off my chest (no pun intended). George is a well known person that is a local icon known for his generosity.

Thank you George, Diane (his wife) and hay crew. You made me feel much better

I am glad I am feeling much better and soon I hope to be painless.

Thanks again to everyone for the flowers, gifts, candy and cards. No to mention your ph or emails of support.

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