Sunday, July 27, 2008

The gang....of shepherds!!!

Today the gang did the sheep chores for me today. Monique got a group of people together and they wormed and did hoof trimming of all the sheep. It was about 70 total. One got castrated by Audrey and Kevin (both are vets). The ram was not amused. I guess I should say that wether is not amused.

I stayed up at the house during this as you know I would love go to down and give a helping hand....but it would not help me recover so I was banned to the house. Monique came up and told me the game plan. She has been my friend for over 2 yrs and is a generous, kind hearted person. She first started off as a student but ended up being one of my dear friend. Audrey is in the same boat. Well, all of my students are now just more than students but good friends.

I was so drugged when they came, I did NOT hear Chuck cut down a huge tree and saw it into may pieces. I was talking to Monique when he was running the saw and never heard it. Monique heard it!!

I appreciate the gang of Monique, Audrey, Kathleen, Chuck, Irene and Tony. The newcomers were Kevin (vet) and Charles (?), and 2 other folks that Monique works with. I'll have to get their names and update this but I managed to forget their names. I really appreciate they did all of that for me and it puts my mind at ease.

Today I was more tired but some contributing factors were it was very hot and humid during the night so I tossed and turned. And I got wore out on my walks from the heat and humidity.

Not much new today except the my mom went home to Tess's dismay!! But I told Tess that Grandma would be back on Friday.

Then Deborah, (a friend I have known for 20 yrs) flew up to take up the slack and be my babysitter until next Saturday. Deb and I hit it off really well when we used to work at Boeing. She left Boeing and so did I, but we kept in touch. She moved to Calif about 4 yrs ago but the distance doesn't affect our friendship. email and ph are good life lines.

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Rebecca and Molly the Border Collie said...

It's great to hear that you are doing okay. It is even more of a relief to hear that you have so much help to keep the farm running.

Even though it is hard, keep asking for help.

I hope the dogs are doing okay. Molly was pretty sick after I'd had a trip to the hospital and we finally decided it was stress from all the changes. I hope yours don't react so badly.

Get better soon!