Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cosmo the cat

It has been a few days since we lost our beloved Shiro. This weekend we did landscaping and put gravel on the paths. We just needed to stay home and keep busy. It helped us heal, I think.

The Border Collies were more than helpful (READ: getting in the way!!) so we put them in the pond pasture to swim after a ball. Actually, it was more like Tess carrying the ball and tossing it in the pond and then swimming after it with her entourage following her (at a safe distance). any one who got in her *bubble* got a good roll. She loves to lead the pack with her ball and her tail high.

Just outside of the pond pasture (which is fenced) is the hay barn. It has pallets stacked next to it and the cats like to lay on the pallets and soak up the sun.

Most of you have heard about Rigby, the wee black/white cat who has raised the Border Collies litters, has taught the dogs to fear his paws and is the King of the barn. He likes the dogs and they all play together.

We got another cat a bit ago. Our good vet, sometimes has cats and he rehomes them. Eric, his tech, had gotten a cat that was *tossed away* by the owner since he had a UTI (bladder infection). So instead of putting the cat on meds, they got rid of the cat. Lucky for the cat, he was fixed up by the vet clinic. They called me and asked me if I wanted a barn cat. I always need a good barn cat and Cosmo turned out to be an excellent mouser

I got him and he is a small black and white cat but full of attitude. He picks the times and place when YOU get to pet him. You dare not touch him unless he lets you. Over the last 2 years or so, he has mellowed out and now seeks attention.

He is not fond of the dogs like Rigby is and ignores them. He thinks the dogs are beneath him in the food chain and if a dog approaches him and doesn't retreat fast enough, his claws will carve furrows in the nose.

So Cosmo was wandering about when I put the dogs into the pond pasture. he turned his nose up at the dogs and went to lay on his pallets and you can tell just what he thinks of all shenanigans.

Have the dogs no pride? Guess not!!

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