Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Long Day.....

Today was a hard day to start. I slept until 3:45 in the morning and woke up with some pain so I took another pill and then was in la-la land. I woke up ago at 7ish and felt much better. Dr Austin was right when he said I would feel good BUT not to rush it. Being a Type A personality, it will be very difficult for me to be laid back and ask people to do the simple chores that I take for granted. Like pull open my screen door or put on socks, Basically, I can not use my arm above my shoulders and below the hip. Also I can not use my arms to push or pull. Otherwise it will hurt like heck and does not help me in my recovery.

We changed the meds about to see if I can sleep longer through the night. It has helped, a couple of hours but that is better than the night before. And I slept in a deep sleep,

Today I felt more energetic and was able to walk to the barn without shuffling or slowness. Of course, you know that I had to take a look at all the animals.

Rigby, our resident cat, has also taken a shine to my mom. E is a barn cat but managed to convince my mom that he needed to be in the house, Like most of the day. Our decision was based as look as he was a good cat and didn’t jump on the counter. He had no desire to be on the counter when he could be on my Mom’s lap being hand feed. After he ate, ten he kicked Tess out of her dog bed and slept in most of the afternoon.

Again, my mom made super tasty meals, home made soap, rice bowls, hamburger and many dishes of fruit. This is so awesome that she can do this for me.

I think I might have mentioned that my weight goal was 118 and I could be off the Lasik and Potassium. So tonight, I hit 118 lbs. I’ll weigh myself tomorrow and hope it stays at that weight or goes down a pound or two. We do not want any weight gain.

On a side note, the job opening for the Pillsbury Doughboy is no longer available for me. I no longer have the fat fingers and feet. Each morning my mom puts on these special socks to prevent clots. Today was the first day that she was able to put them on rather quickly since my legs swelling has gone down.

Yesterday my guests were Kelly (my FAA friend), Heidi (wife) and Kai (son). They brought me a Wisteria as a gift from the FAA gang. I started to nod off during their visit…I got tons of cards from work and it helps the spirits.

Today Audrey and Neal showed up. They are a super nice couple and added a much needed boost for the day. We all had tea and some of the yummy carrot cake. Then we down to the barn and I got to pet some more dogs (Jeff, Dan and Kael – that Audrey and Neal had brought.) Then we went back to house and the walk and hot weather wiped me out. It was great chatting with them. I am going stir crazy trying to watch TV or read a book.

Later in the afternoon, Janet showed up and we chatted. She is babysitting Kuro for me and it seems like he doesn’t mss me at all. His new pal is Mattie, the Smithfield Sheepdog.

Chuck popped in for a minute and helped by unloading the loose hay in the back of the truck. Every little bit helps.

My visitors have been gracious and as soon as I look fatigue, they all leave. They even understand when I start to doze off. Everyone has met my mom and my mom really likes my friends.

I’ve been talking to Kathy Davis several times a day, It helps when I have a concern or I fill her in on the day’s happening.

By having this surgery, it really shows your true friendship with people, I have had people call me the last two days and I remember talking to them but I can’t remember who!! I hate my brain being fuddled.

Tonight while having dinner with Jeff and mom, I turned to Tess and said “Look at mom……Nelson….. no, I mean Jeff” (I don’t remember whose names I said but I know the first two or three were not Jeff’s name. I know it surprised him as well as me. Talk about a brain cramp.

Each day I feel better but have to restrain myself from overdoing it. It’s very tempting but I have to control myself and ask for help, Boy is that ever hard.

Tess still beds down next to me at night and put her head upon when I stir. If she can. She will lick my face. When I get up in the morning, she is my shadow. The when my mom comes upstairs, she races off to greet her and be her shadow. We let Tess and Nan be spoiled as much by my mom. They both love the extra attention and have been very quiet and loving. My mom is also spoiling Jeff and me. I am blessed to have a mom like her.

Well, it’s late and I am fading so will sign off for the night. If you have any questions, post them in my blog and I will answer.

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