Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Update

Today the weather was warmer but it still was cold. Later in the day, the wind chill picked up and we got cold to our core. I looked like an obsess penguin with all of my six layers of clothing. My wool hat, wool socks and rain pants helped keep me warm.

I set the first runs with Tess and she was pleased to be working. She has a good effect on the sheep and they like her. We got 4 sheep and 8 minutes. At the end of the fetch you had a Maltese cross and you had to do it from directions. Then the first part of your crossdrive was blind and then to an open pen. The three sided pen had a post out in the front which you grabbed the rope and picked a side. It was not long enough to cover your side so you had be careful.

I’ll post more about Saturday and Sunday runs on Tuesday as my wi-fi is pretty much history and when I do get on, it is for a couple of minutes.

Open run (only first 8 runs)

38 dogs

1. Noelle and Nap 96

2. Diane and Nan 92 (she ran awesome)

3. Rueidi and Scott 90

4. Ken Johnson and Joe 88

5. Rueidi and Teak 88

6. Noelle and Lad 87

7. Sandi and Dusty 85

8. Diane and Roo 85 (broken on outwork)

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WalkOn Border Collies said...

Thanks Di, your trial updates are really nice for those of us stuck at home.