Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bald Eagle

Each spring we have Bald Eagles that visit our farm. They love to hunt the wild ducks. We have learned to coop up our chickens and ducks during this time. This was after we lost about 20 plus ducks to them. They also carried off a tiny lamb. So all potential livestock or fowl are locked up until the eagles move on.  Since it is against the law to harass or shoot them with guns, we decided to shoot them with my camera.

Sitting outside our office window near the main pond.
Looking at the wild ducks in the marsh.

Ah, the eagle has noticed that I am taking pixs.
Giving  me the cold stare.
The eagle is about 150 feet away from me.
I can't tell if this is a male or female. 
Glancing off to the marsh. The eagle finally got tired of me taking pixs and flew off. No ducks were harmed in this session. Sometimes the wild ducks will go next to the horse and sheep when the eagles are about.

Recently I had the wild ducks come up close to me (20 feet) while an eagle few above them. They got really quiet and the eagle landed in the tree, looked at the ducks and then at me waving a crook and flew off. The ducks slowly ambled off. I never had wild ducks come that close to me but hey, they figured it was better than being an eagle's dinner.

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