Saturday, May 29, 2010

Quick trial update

Open Placing- top seven

Bill Orr/Boone 104
Rueidi Birendheide/Teak 95
BrianNelson/Pleat 94
Dave Imas/Cap 92
Ken Johnson/Joe 91
Noelle Williams/Nap 89
Diane/Nan 86

My internet connect is poor tonite and it only lets me on for a minute or so.

Roo ran well on his outwork but lost his hearing on the drive. We has strong winds that blew down the field in late afternoon and it made drives horrible. Nevertheless, he was on the muscle and a pill in the shedding ring. Oh well.

Nan was on the money but we missed both panel on the drive (most of the sheep went low) and she didn’t want to give up the pressure. Nice outwork, quick shed, quick pen and took a lamb at the end for the single. It was a nice single and she held it well. We just placed out of the money.

Will write more later when I get better connection


Monique said...

Thanks for the posting! See you in the morning. I run 18th tomorrow.

gvmama said...

Congrats to Nan. Hi to Bill (my Sonoma friend at Wilda's trailer) and wow...way to go Dave and Cap!