Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Colored training sticks available

I really hate to go shopping. Once a year, we go to the mall for Christmas shopping. My eyes glaze over and Getty sees me turn into a crab right before his eyes, usually within ten minutes of arriving in the mall.  I hate crowds, waiting in line, parking, you name it!! I try to do my clothes shopping online.

However, my eyes do gleam with joy when I go into a feedstore. I can spend hours walking up and down looking at pitchforks, worming medicine, feed, hoof trimmers and whatnots.

I love to shop online for Border Collie items. One of my favorite places is Border Collies Anonymous...I have gotten my whistles from them and they are a great place to shop.

I was there today and guess what....they now offer colored training sticks...OMG, I have died and gone to heaven. They have raspberry, green, yellow and white.

They also offer colored grips in red, black, green, orange and navy.

Ok, so I am thinking how many, what color of wands and many choices!!! Lordy, help me!!

Note from Betsy - owner...the shipping charge is incorrect and will be fixed. It will be the regular shipping charge. This is being fixed and Betsy will square it up.

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Waylon Aussies said...

These sticks are FABULOUS! I bought one a couple of months ago and I'm now going to have to get a few more to have around. A great deal!