Monday, May 10, 2010

All in a Day's work

I love working Taff. He has turned into a real doll. He listens very well but sometimes can be a little pushy (like his mother, Nan). But I enjoy working him. I try to work him each night, even if it is just for a few minutes.
So a couple of days ago, I decided to work him on the ewes and lambs. That is about 50-60 sheep. Normally I work him on 5-10 ewes.  The first order, was to have him get into the water. Here he is in the creek getting cooling down as it was a hot day.
OK, so I sent him to get the flock. I was not sure if he would grip at the top but he was quite gentle and worked then flock nicely. The flock just ambled to me.

As you can see they are spread out and he had to wear to tuck them in.
Still working the back. I sent him on a silent gather to see what he would do.
So far, so good. He would look up to see where I was and then get back to fetching the sheep back to me. He was still very calm behind the sheep.
Ok, then I sent him on a another silent gather. The sheep are going the other direction now.

Tucking in the corners now. Being very patrient. The lambs are not afraid of him.

Third time. Coming straight into the heads with no issue.
Done for the day. I am sitting in my chair. Woodie, the Manx cat is in may lap. Taff is lying down next to me. We are watching the sheep.

Once last view of the handsome Taff. It was all in a Day's work.

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