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Animal Communication - Joan Ranquet

Recently I had the good fortune of attending a three day Animal Communication Class held by Joan Ranquet. It was held at her place in Carnation so it was a short drive for me. Many years ago, I had Kate Reilly hold an Animal Communication Class at my place. It was wonderful and I enjoyed it. It was attended my Open sheepdog handlers. I have fallen out of “Communicating with Animals” and decided to get back into it. I had met Joan and we had kept in touch and got her book and decided to take the plunge.

I signed up with Joan and went to her three-day Animal Communication class. It was amazing. It turns out that I do still talk to my animal but wasn’t aware of that. Ever visualize on your run that your sheep would swerve and miss the panel and then it happens? Or your dog will grip and he does? You are sending “talk” to your dog to do such as that.

As children, we were able to speak to our pets. Our parents would nod and say “Yes” as we told them of conversations with our pets and as we got older, we were told quit imagining those talks. They were not imagination but real life conversation with our animals. As we got older, we closed our minds to our communication with our animals and our lives get too busy so we don’t even try to reconnect again. It’s a part of our basic human core that we cast aside.

Often during our runs, Tess and I would smile at each other and she would know what to do. As I have mentioned numerous times, she would smile to me in the shedding ring and without hardly a word, she would come in and do her part and get the shed. We were a great team together and we just knew what each other was thinking.

After my heart surgery and during the recovery time, Nan and Tess and I got very close together. Tess was my healing dog while Nan was the guardian. I would be in pain and Tess would comfort me as a mother would comfort an ailing child.  Often, I would wake up and she would be licking my tears while I cried. At this point, I let myself be more open to my dogs and we connected deeper. Nan would stand guard and took her new role seriously. Soon the wild bunnies did not approach the front porch anymore!

I began to run in trials, often weak at the post, and yet my dogs ran brilliantly for me. They sensed what needed to be done and they did it. I would send visuals to them during the run as times I was too weak to whistle. In that year, I was able to qualify three dogs for the Finals. I would visualize my runs at and they dogs would do it and we all enjoyed outselcves.

So, my life was changed and I was on a mission. I arrived at Joan’s place for the Friday night session. I was apprehensive, afraid that I would be a fool and that I would not be able to talk to the animals. I was not alone.

There were thirteen of us, all in the same boat. Joan was very friendly and made us feel at ease. I began to relax and we all exchanged stories. We all came wanting to learn and I no longer felt like a fool. Joan explained the art of communication was like using a muscle that hadn’t been used in a long time. So she taught us how to reactive it and believe in ourselves.

One of the exercises was to receive a thought when Joan said a color. One of the colors was blue and I heard/saw blue sky then a blue dot. My partner’s thought was blue sky and then blueberry. We worked on more exercises and by the end of the first session; we are all excited like children set free in a candy store.

We all went home and Tess and Nan greeted me at the door. I told them that I went to a class to learn how to talk to them and they nodded. I feel like they understood. It was true.

Saturday was an intense day. We did more exercises, had discussions and worked on ourselves to be more open and believe in ourselves. I was given a horse to talk to and I wrote down what I had heard. The horse was very chatty (and I am not going to say all what he said) but I got two pages worth. As soon as my turn came to say what I heard, I put out the disclaimer “I am not an animal communicator but I don’t know if I heard right etc”…some of the items didn’t make sense to me.

“had a hard time turning to the right”, “needs to collect back legs to get more propulsion” were some of the items. It turns out that were some of the issues he had as they were doing specific exercises on that area. There were other items and the owner validated them. Suddenly my two pages of notes were real to me and the owner asked for a copy. I was stunned.

Soon it was evident that everyone was really talking to the animals. We all really got into it and our belief in ourselves got stronger and stronger. Some of the items seems farfetched when you said it but the owner would say, ”OMG, I can’t believe it” and explain that farfetched item. It turns out that they were not farfetched after all.

By the day’s end, I was exhausted. I was really learning tons and it was hard. However, I enjoyed it and Joan would help you when you were stuck and encouraged us as we got farther along in our studies. I could see that group that was apprehensive on Friday was suddenly vibrant and excited.

Later that night as I sat on the couch, Tess jumped into my lap and I heard her say, “So, what did you learn today?”

I replied that I learned to talk to her and she licked my cheek. I really learned to open my mind again. We snuggled.

Sunday was just as intense. We did more exercises and again, I wrote two pages of notes. I just wrote what I heard  -  to me it is the animal talking to me and I just write down the words. One of the items was the cat wanted to play with a snake and missed it. The cat was in a new home and the former owner said she had a long feather that was on a stick that resembled a snake and the cat loved to play with it. The cat also told me there were three other cats and she was the runt of her litter. There was a lot more and it was all validated. I was amazed. Everyone did great and we had fun.

Soon it was over and we had to trek home. Armed with my reawakened knowledge, I began talk verbally and mentally to my dogs. With Taff, I saw a difference. He would fight me for a stop and rush his flanks. I began to “tell” him to slow down, to work with me and do a nice wide outrun. His biggest downfall was rushing on the outrun and gripping at the top.

The next weekend, I ran Taff at a trial. I only had him for a month and we never worked at that distance and certainly haven’t done a PN course with him. He started to cut in and I stopped him and visualized that I wanted him to go out wide and deep and lift his sheep very slowly. He did and lifted his sheep well and brought them at a nice fetch. He had trouble on his drive and instead of rushing or gripping, he turned to me for help and I did just that. He did well for his first PN run and I was not stressed at all but quite happy. I visualized sending him what I wanted him to do and we had a good connection.

Since then our training has been fun and he looks at me for direction. I see a lot of Nan in him and his willingness to please me. No longer I am getting on his case for being too strong, but asking him for a flank or a stop. We enjoy working together as a team.

Some people do not believe in Animal Communication and some do. I do and want to be more in tune with my animals. As you all know, I love my dogs dearly and love to run them. It’s a piece of the puzzle that was missing. I am glad that I was able to get this missing piece back again.

Joan is offering classes and if you are interested here is her website:

A little bio about Joan Ranquet. (from her website)
Joan Ranquet has been in independent practice as an animal communicator and energy healer for several years. She is also the author of “Communication with all Life, Revelations of an Animal Communicator” published by Hay House.

Joan Ranquet has worked with thousands of individual pet owners, dog, cat and horse trainers, barn managers and vets. She troubleshoots medical issues, helps stimulate healing in conjunction with conventional treatment, and helps clients to deepen their ability to care for and understand their animals. She is successful at finding lost dogs and cats, and often helps clients whose pets are aging and dying.”

In addition, she teaches Basic Animal Communication, Advanced Animal Communication and has an Animal Alchemy series of energy and body work for animals, (the energy work is based on bio-scalar energy healing) all over the country

Most recently, Joan was featured in Pet Nation on Dateline NBC. She has also been seen on “The Today Show”, “Good Morning America”, and she is the “celebrity animal communicator” in a short documentary on the AMC Channel. Joan also talks with baby kittens on an episode of “That’s My Baby” on Animal Planet, she has talked to dogs on Fox 31 News in Denver, and WB-2 News in Denver has named her the “Doctor Doolittle of Denver”. Her favorite animal adventures to date are: talking to the horses at the 1998 Kentucky Derby for MSNBC and talking to the baby elephant “Hunsa” at the Woodland Park Zoo for King 5 (NBC) in Seattle.

Joan has been featured in The Sun Sentinel, The Palm Beach Post, The Boca Raton News and in the National Enquirer as an Animal Communication Specialist! She has also been featured in The Los Angeles Times and many other regional publications in Denver and Steamboat, Colorado.

Joan is the Animal Communicator on the top online psychic site, www.12listen.com, finally a psychic hotline you can trust, along with the top psychics in the country. She is also on the leading astrology site on the internet, www.12house.com has her on there as their “Pet Psychic”. She also has a column in The Pet Planet magazine.

Joan has been heard on the airwaves regularly with Scott Cluthe on “Positively Incorrect” on Sirius Satellite Radio. She has also been on “Emerging Breakthroughs for all creatures on Planet Earth” with Joyce Jackson on the 7th Wave Network. She’s been heard with Kennedy in Seattle on the Buzz, KZOK in Seattle, MJ morning show in Atlanta, St. Louis & Tampa, Pet Talk America, Arizona Sunrise w/Don McGuire, St. Louis, Talking Muskeegan, in Michigan, West & McKenzie – in Georgia, and Crash & Burns OKC, KTST the Twister. She was also a featured speaker at the Equine Affair in Jacksonville Florida in 2004, The Greeley Farm Show in Colorado in 2002 and the Horse Expo in Colorado in March of 2002.

Joan attended Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri where she received a BFA in Theatre. Later, in New York City, she studied acting at the Circle in the Square and appeared on stage in a number of productions, including original performance art pieces, and in independent feature films.

Parallel to her acting and writing career, Joan continued her childhood passion of riding and working with horses. Today, Joan’s animal family includes Gabrielle, an Arab mare, Rollie, a young Thoroughbred gelding, a Russian Blue cat called Alexandria and a Border Collie mix named Olivia
Today Joan offers her professional services to those pet owners who are enough “in tune” with their pets to seek her wisdom, guidance and insight.

These abilities are based on six primary talents:

** An intense love of animals
** Compassion for the animal/owner relationship
** Telepathy
** Medical/practical knowledge
** Common Sense with regard to behavior
** Hands-on Healing

In her practice, Joan specializes in the areas of behavioral problems; pet/owner relationships and dysfunction; lost animals; death and dying animals; and general information regarding the overall “well-being” of a pet.


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