Thursday, May 27, 2010

Getting ready for a sheepdog trial....

I am getting ready for my first major sheepdog trial this year. Most of the ones that I have gone to this year are one day trials. This one is a three day trial at Sue and George MacDonalds. They host a second trial in late June. Their trials are noted for being tricky. The dinners are wonderful and the company is fantastic.

Last year, Tess ran at these trials. They have six trial, held over three weekends. The top scoring combined Open dogs wins a stunning handmade quilt. The yer before Tess was two point shy of winning but her daughter won. Last year, she won hands down and then retired. What a way to go out in a blaze of glory. This year, she will be my sidekick and running for Janet in PN. She has been running well for Janet and we hope they do well.

I will be running Nan and Roo in Open. Both have been doing great for me and I hope we continue our success. I am running Taff in PN and he still is a handful. He thinks he knows what needs to be done but that isn't the case all the time.

We had to pull Faye as she was sick. I was going to run her for Tony but she got sick. Bummers, as she is running great. Maybe I can run her at the June trial in PN, or if I can twist Tony's arm, have him run her. He did sign her up for Ranch but signed me up for PN. He is running great with her and they are a nice team.

We got the trialer hitched up. It had dust still from the Finals so I did a bit of cleaning. Dust got everywhere in the trailer so I expect for months, I will be cleaning it up. It's been nine months since I used it so I KNOW that I have forgotten how to do something in it so I will have to ask folks. The water have been filled in the trailer, the grey and black water is empited but the black water light shows it as 3/4 full....anyone have any idea why? I ran the toilet a few times trying to clear it up but it didn't work.

I went shopping and got tons of food. Fixings for spagetti, two types of salads, veggie platter, cheese and crackers, bananas, candy and other misc items. Of course I got Mike's Pink Lemonade and Black Cherry Ade. The two six packs should tide me over for three nights. I love that stuff and the fact that I am not driving. I just have to stumble into the bed. I'll have to shove Tess off my pillow as she is a pillow hog. When I move her, she gives me the evil eye, like "How dare you move me off this pillow as I was here first!" She might be a little spoiled. It will be the first trial that I won't have Lucy along so that will be weird. But, Monique will be there with her so I will have to have her jump on the bed for old time sake!

The weather has been wet, rainey and cold. I was hoping for sun but only in my dreams now, I guess. Got the rain gear all set out. The fleece and long underwear. Smart wool socks. Warm boots and wool hats. Hot cocoa. I need something for my hot cocoa though. Marshmellows just don't cut it.

I am headed out tomorrow morning so I can spend the day just relaxing and reading books. I don't think I will get cell or wi-fi service so I have set up my blog to automatically post for me. So on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, you will three days of dog cartoons. If I can get online, I will put trial updates up but don't hold your breath.

Sue has a raffle in June so I am bringing a huge box of dog items for the raffle. The raffle is super cool and it can get crazy. You can steal a gift so it gets wild! Bottles of wines are very popular. I try to get a bottle each year! Sometimes I get lucky and get several.

That will be my eleventh year at that trial. This trial holds special meaning to me as it was the first trial I ever entered and it was with Tess. Sue and George were super friendly and to this day, I remember their kindness. So I look forward to that trial!

Well off to bed and I need to get up early to pack and hit the road. Wish us luck!

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Jenny Glen said...

Your black water probably isn't fully cleaned out. You probably have a bit of toilet paper on the sensor. You need to flush water through it when you get back.